Counting Time!

I could hear him attending a call and finally those words “I will be there tomorrow!!” And I knew that very instant that its time finally. He has to leave for those long sails, across blue waters!! To be honest, I never try to picture this day and never want it to come. But this day is always just a call away. A beautiful and lazy morning was over and suddenly we had thousands of things to do, get over with those tasks we have been lingering all this time, to shop and pack and make sure he has everything for a comfortable voyage!! But admist all this, only one thing goes on my mind… DON’T GO!! JUST DON’T GO!! Tears roll down my cheeks and I hold his hand and hug him. I don’t want him to go!!

But the day passes off so swiftly and the night is here. We lie down, our eyes open, gazing at each other, thinking this will never bring the night to an end and morning won’t arrive. Both of us have that pain in heart, the pain of being apart and not being able to see each other. Heavy hearted and teary eyed we both were trying to tell each other that we will be together soon. But with every passing moment I keep looking at the clock just in case it’s not moving. Just in case the time has come to still and I don’t have to fear about this night getting over so quickly!! I don’t have to face that harsh morning!!

We count hours and minutes and seconds, but soon we see the sun rising. I always hated these early morning flights, though it doesn’t matter anymore! That moment is here at last. I want to hold him back and want those lazy coffee mornings with him, but I know he has to go!! The mighty sea is calling again. And the sooner he will go, sooner he will return. And that’s when I smile, for I am his strength and not his weakness. I am the girl he loves, count upon and chose to share this tough life with.

“I smile because now I won’t be counting time for this ugly day, but for the beautiful day he will return. And those lovely lazy mornings awaiting us!!”

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  1. Smriti says:

    Bas kar pagli rulayegi kya…. BTW very nice scripted dear. Speechless…. Keep it up u have very bright future ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Smriti :-*


  2. Utsav says:

    heart touching and emotions are beautifully expressed!! the writer is taking birth in you slowly…keep going Rupal..!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Utsav…Its always good to see those encouraging remarks from my god old friend… 🙂


  3. Apurv Shrivastava says:

    Very True And Very Awesomely Expressed In Words Jerry Keep It Up 😉 And Stay Happy Always 😉


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