An Alien World!!!

Being a mariner’s wife is not always about sacrifices, pain and tears, its a lot more than that!! Its about being happy in unexpected ways. Its about seeing life with a new perspective, exploring the world, gaining infinite experiences, forming relations, making new friends and yes!! seeing what your sailor actually does out there in the sea, just to make our lives comfortable. All such thoughts were running across my mind, and up in the air I was both excited and nervous, thinking about my survival onboard!!

And finally when I saw that gigantic ship, my mouth fell open. Like a massive mountain standing before me, she was a beauty in every way. Scary at first, but as I kept spending time inside my ship, I gradually began to see things which I never imagined. It’s an alien world, of few strange people, always upto something, which is again outlandish to a common woman like me. Whole ship was like a jigsaw puzzle, which I kept putting together everytime I was alone. And yes!! Initially it was weird. Looking out from window, you won’t see a busy street or flowers blooming, but endless blue waters. Vents and pipes inhabit the place on ceiling instead of a beautiful chandelier. You will miss those colours and wallpapers of your bedroom, as you will find numerous rules and guidelines pasted everywhere. The horn at 12 and those drill announcements. An alarm will startle you in the middle of your deep and cozy sleep and all you remember is him running for the engine room. And the worst!! when you encounter a rough weather, and the ship pitches and rolls. Those thunderstorms and huge waves. When even walking becomes difficult and you see whole of your stuff running here and there… you only remember GOD!! I might put my earphones on, shut my mind and go off to sleep, but he has to work. All others have to work and our ship has to go on. She makes her way through every harsh situation and keeps moving ahead, carrying us all safely in her cradle.

But this is just the one side of coin, on the other side you happen to meet some of the beautiful people and make great friends. You have fun and dance and party together, coz in ship these strangers are not just friends but family. You share your joys and sorrows together. Joy of hearing that your child took his first step and does all little mischiefs but feeling of sadness at the same time that you missed it. All those mixed emotions and feelings, which are hard to express but still can’t be hidden. Like a family where over the dinner table everyone eases, laugh, enjoys a heartfelt meal and cheer up for another challenging day. A day which may be tough and demands a lot from you, but will certainly bring you more closer to the day when you will be going to your loved ones!! when you will be finally going to your home.

Sailor’s life is all fancy but not an easy one for sure. And I haven’t realised this unless I was there. Each day is a challenge. With the blink of an eye, the situation might totally change. The water, the sky, the weather, the sun, EVERYTHING!! I might change from a healthy and happy woman to a seasick grumpy bedridden woman. And for a moment I might dislike his job. But admist all these odds, which I haven’t experienced earlier, his love for me and his duty remains same. No matter how frantic and tiring his day was, he makes sure that both his ship and his lady is all hale and hearty.

It feels just perfect to hug each other at the end of day and then suddenly you feel that no matter where you are, home is where your hubby is!! 

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  1. Smriti Rai says:

    Very well expressed the journey of sailor’s wife and life. Very good keep going.


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