Falling in Love <3

Few sunrises are meant to be beautiful, few days are meant to be happy and few places are meant to be bliss. So was this abode, my ship was carrying me to. Heading towards Malmo in Sweden, it was all cold and gloomy and we were surrounded with unlimited laziness. While everyone else was busy in work, Smriti and me were engrossed making plans, tucked under our quilts, sipping hot coffee. Well here I would like you all to meet Smriti, my partner in crime onboard. We flew together from India, and the way we kept chattering all through 14 hours long flight, I knew we gonna rock!!. We are like-minded devils, always upto something.

We had two days of stay at Malmo, which is kinda rare in car carrier. So yeah!! We girls were lucky. We couldn’t sleep that night imagining such an awesome day ahead. And at the crack of dawn, we were at bridge. It was our kind of ritual to see berthing at every port. No matter how cold or hot the climate is, or what time of day it is, one can always find me and Smriti on bridge while berthing. So upholding the tradition and all hidden up inside our jackets, we were at bridge wing. The wind was icy and cruel!! And as far as our eyes could see, snow was everywhere. Snowy Sweden welcomed us!! And we couldn’t contain our grin.

It took us almost no time to get ready and we were out. It seemed to be a quiet small town, old and historic, exuding charm. Whole city, wrapped up in white cottony snow, was like a white canvas, waiting to be painted with colours of autumn. Exquisite architecture, beautiful parks, long water canals to take you across the city and some seriously good shopping and cuisine. What else!! This place was heaven. Wandering on snow-clad streets and playing with snowballs we felt like kids again. Soon the sky went black and Malmo was even more beautiful and brighter. Though it was bone chilling and cold waves were hitting us hard, we were in no mood to get back to the ship. Strolling in the streets, shivering and holding hands, we were having one hell of a night. And once both our legs and stomach gave up, we crashed in a restaurant. It was time to relish some good food!! I was in love with this place.

Finally to our vessel, but instead of being tired and drowsy we were more geared up! Next day we had our shopping bags full. There was still so much to do but so less time. Our ship is leaving today and so do we. But I couldn’t agree more. Beautiful and calm and all that snow was enough to make me fall in love with Sweden. I have always had this habit of falling in love with places I travel to. I fall in love with people and warmth and architecture and food. It’s like a string of lifelong affairs with beautiful skylines, sunrises, sunsets, cultures and adventures.

While we depart from this gorgeous city, I have with me some incredible memories with really amazing people. And I realise, it’s not just the place, that makes your visit beautiful, but the people you travel with.

If not for these lovely friends onboard, I might have never felt the same love for Snow or Sweden. Goodbye Sweden, till we meet again!!


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