You are unstoppable!!

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

Yeah exactly!! “Who’s going to stop me” is the spot-on attitude of any sassy and independent woman. Well, the ability to be independent is something that not every woman possesses. But something every woman should strive for. Being independent gives you the control over your life; from other people’s hand to where it rightfully belongs, into your hands. For achieving any of your desires and dreams, supporting and believing yourself is a vital process. It’s all about being confident with who you are and what you believe in. Coz at the end of day, I feel, you have only yourself to fall back on and listening to your inner voice is far more beneficial than listening to slating opinion of others. A woman’s mind is a marvelous thing to have. However, the world and its criticism should not affect you negatively. Nobody but you knows the power and passion within you. With your own ink, you pen down your set of rules. No longer, women are those damaged damsels in distress, awaiting muscles and big brawny arms to rescue her. Her love is soulful and purest of all; she loves because she wants you; not because she needs you.

Only the walls you build can confine you, nothing else. No one can stop you from living your dreams, laughing out loud, falling in love, putting red lipstick, wearing black and bold, dancing jazz, travelling the world, diving oceans and loving yourself beyond the cosmos. You can be brighter and calmer than moon and fiercer and stronger than sun. You can be hard as diamond and soft as feather. You can be mysterious as nature and yet simple and delicate as flower, coz you have the power. To create, nurture and destroy. To be what situation demands!! At times, the world will try to stop and transform you, criticize and leave you alone, but that should not let you change. We care and love people and have that magical power of making families but nothing can chop off our wings of freedom. We own our thoughts, spirits and opinions. An unending surge of dislike and limitations this society hold up against you is just not enough to stop you from being so amazingly awesome and authentic.

Your dreams know no boundaries. And your abilities have no limits. You can climb higher and farther than any man, for sky is the limit for you. You are UNSTOPPABLE!!

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