Neverending love <3


Two more months to go!! 60 days!! From the time he leaves, till I see his face again, I count every single day, hour and minute!! Few days just pass off so quickly, while ssometime I feel as if the clock has come to still. A day would feel like ages… It is always said that “distances doesn’t matter in love!!” Well it surely doesn’t, in true love. No distance can do soulmates apart!! But these distances do shake n break me sometimes. They make my heart and mind go weak!! Wen you have no one to speak your heart out, wen your empty bedside makes u feel lonely in the whole of universe, wen ders no one to fight over that last bite of chocolate, wen dirty football brings bak thousands of memories and wen u luk ur best but ders no one to kiss u!! That’s the time when you hate distances. N you definitely don’t want them!!

Being a strong and independent woman that I am, why do I sometimes feel that I can’t do without him?? Why do I doubt myself?? Will I be able to handle a situation alone?? Will I be able to reach ashore with these mighty waves taking on me? Will I be calm n stable with these storms arising around me??? There is a sinking feeling, feeling where I am drowning in an ocean of responsibilities and expectations, and there is no one to hold me or help me swim..when you feel lonely and lost even in the middle of crowd…Wen you majorly miss those strong hands, that hold you wen u fall, those dependent shoulders you lean on when sick or tired and that assuring voice telling you “I AM HERE”, each time you lose it!! He might not say it often, but those eyes full of love and trust gives you a feeling of relief. When entire world might be against you, he is standing beside you and won’t let you down ever!! When u just miss each and everything about him!!

But, if distances break you, they can make you as well. They teach us to be brave and to face reality. When life takes a toll and you are alone, you become more powerful and fierce. You need him, coz you love him, coz u chose him as your life partner and want him to be with you in every step, not coz you are weak and feeble!! And you know that even though he is far, there is never ending love between you both. In the dark night, full of fear and doubts, his love is your little guiding light. Across blue waters he has faith in you and your abilities, he knows that no matter how rough the ocean is or how strong the wind is, you will sail smooth!! You won’t let the boat, he built together with you, drown ever!!

And that strength comes from nowhere, but his endless love and trust for you and your power.


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