My rock support!!

“Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend”.. Such a true saying!

 I still remember the day when I was leaving for my higher studies at VIT. Excited for my future and new life ahead, I was upset about leaving my little world, my family behind.. As my train started moving, I still recall how badly you cried n kept repeating “Di mat jao”….!! Words are never enough to express wat I felt that moment. With the moving train, we also moved ahead in life, leaving behind all those childhood memories n childishness. That day made me realise how much I love you!! And how precious the bond is between a brother n sister. We might fight, tease and hate each other for sometime, but at the end of day we are together… “We are inseparable!!” From the moment you came into this world, and I held you into my arms for first time, my love for u remains same… N it always will!! You will always be my younger brother, my world!!

Whenever I miss you, I think of those wonderful days of you and me being little n mischeivious. Sheltered by mom n dad, those days were just priceless and just about us. Going to school together, studying  and playing together. Sharing our ups n downs, lows n highs n protecting ech other.  I still remember those evening bicycle rides, with you sitting at the back. N den we would sometimes fall and get hurt, but slowly sneak in so that mom doesn’t get to know!! Those playful evenings of cricket n hide n seek and all those silly games our childhood is full of!! Helping you with ur drawing and craft projects, and wen angry we would draw lines on table, just to define boundaries between us. There is so much we did together, so much to remember and so much still to do. So much love n so much care.

With all that fun and frolic going around, years were passing by n slowly we were growing together!! As we were growing mature, so was our bonding n love. Now that we are adults and supposed to be mature, we are still kids at heart n our relationship is still young, childish n full of spark. All these years have added numbers to our age and responsibilities to our life. We both got busy in achieving our goals and those carefree days of freedom and childishness slowly faded away!! Our silly fights now got transformed into sensible arguments, books n encyclopaedias have replaced our toys, those playful n fun evenings got converted to productive evening walks and our prankish games are all gone…Our whole world has been transformed and went up n down, but one thing which hasn’t changed and will never change is our love. The “brother sister bonding!!” We mite not be together everyday and miss out some special moments, but we are always connected!! Connected by heart, by blood, by family!!

And I want you to know that no one and nothing can ever replace you and the bond we share. You are my strength, my rock support. We might fight and argue, but can’t live without each other. U were my partner in crime then, now n always will! We might be away n far n busy with our lives, but there is something special and so strong about our bonding that nothing in this world can break that!! We mite be grown ups for entire world, but together we are still mad n crazy siblings!!

And believe me, amongst all fancy things in world, our relation is best n precious!! N you are the BEST, nothing like you bhai 😘

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