The Perfect Mad Duo


This is my favourite time of the year. The best! Full of fun and festivities. Happiness all around. Everyone seems to be in the best of their mood and so am I. Its time to put best of your clothes, cheer up and enjoy every moment. Each year this period bring lots of joy and bliss, excitment and pleasure, but also lots of remembrances. With each upcoming celebration I somehow miss my past!! I miss being with my best friend. I miss being with you Sherry, and those days, that were just meant for us. Well, every girl has that one special friend who is just the perfect combination of being mad, hilarious, kind, stupid, fun, weird, moody, lazy, loving and silly. But still she is PERFECT!! Perfect as a friend, as a sister and as partner in every crime. You both are just meant to be sticking around and backing up each other.

So was her and me!! We were totally inseparable. Together we could do just anything, right from being most reckless to the most canny job. We had that power to transform the gloomiest day in lab to a rocking n rolling day (which of course gave heart attacks to few :-P) And at the same time we were insane enough to spend a bright sunny day being homesick or fighting over silly things. Being big time foodies that we are, it was always easy to please one another. An outing to a new food joint, golgappas treat, ice creams, chocolate truffles, maggi masala or simple cafe latte would make us forget everything in a jiffy. Just two of us were enough to complete any mission, right from wedding shopping to some serious toxicology experiments. We could spend hours chatting and giving some really serious advises. Trying out new recipes and patting each other’s back. Sharing tiniest of secrets and laughing out loud, till our stomachs hurt. And during these special festivals, we would turn religious enough to do all fasting and poojas together. I still miss those early morning aartis during navratri and rushing off to work. Getting late and then would think of all trivial and dumb excuses we could make, just to get rid of all scoldings. And then returning home so hungry in the evening that we would head directly to kitchen. Also this used to be the time when we left almost no store in the city unexplored, true shopaholics that we were and still are!! And not just that, we would never discourage each other from shopping more n more stuff 😉

It was like we had our own world, where we didn’t need anyone else. We were two crazy girls high in love with each other. And today when we are away and cannot meet each other everyday, I really miss her. I miss those days, but we are still same, mad n crazy best friends. We still turn to each other for a really senseless as well as for a dead serious decision. We were and still far from being homogenous. She is more mature, while I am not, she is patient while I am restive, she is silent while I am a chatterbox, she is shy and calm while I am bold and chirpy. We are like two opposite poles at two opposite ends. And at times there are awkward moments. Moments where we would judge each other, give advice, justify our decision that’s different than hers and wallow in self-pity rather than giving a high-five. But still we can’t do without each other. Our anger and egos would just vanish away laughing out loud. This bond and understanding we developed over time is so different, its not just friendship, but ‘frientimacy.’ Something so rare and precious and so worth it.

Its been long we lived within walking distances, but there is always you at the other end of conversation. And will always be!! It doesn’t matter where we are, or what we become, these years will keep adding to our crazy bonding, pointless dramas and superpowers!! 

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