Life is Beautiful <3


This beautiful journey of mine started on ‘Januray 21, 2014.’ Its been more than two years now and we have been loving each and every moment coming our way. Ours was not a dreamy and ‘oh so’ love marriage. We have not known each other and were complete strangers. But still we are truly, madly and deeply in love. Might not be so fancy and dramatic and old, but our love story is passionate and fierce and powerful. It began the day we met, still goes on and will continue forever and ever. Then it was all about understanding and trusting each other and it still is. We became best friends and I had no idea that one day we’d be more than that. Like everyone else, getting hitched was daunting for me too. I was in love with my life, my work and my freedom. I absolutely relished being single and didn’t want to give up for anyone or anything. But it’s all in our mind I guess. Marriage changes your life, status and sometimes bit of us, but not for worse always. The change can be really beautiful, like  for us. We accepted each other as we are and fell in love magically. We started sharing all those sweet and sour, big and small moments . And slowly I realized marriage is nothing but millions of special and usual moments spent together. It’s laughing in bed before we fall asleep. It’s sitting in comfortable silence together. Its dancing for no reasons. It’s cooking dinner and planning vacations. It’s long and bad and stubborn arguments. It’s praying while we hold hands. It’s rolling our eyes at the other’s flukes. It’s tears falling down our cheeks. It’s working on our new house. Its waking up to each other. It’s learning to be kind, gentle, and caring, even when we feel mean, detached and annoyed. It’s something that gives us both, wings to fly and a guard from sinking. Where you can dream your biggest dreams and chase them, but still when you fall and stumble along the way, he’ll be there for you. Together every tiny joy just doubles up. Evenings more beautiful, parties more fun, cooking more purposeful, dinner even tastier, movies more romantic, rains more fresh, weekends more precious, festivals more jubilant, drives more passionate and life, ‘more and more beautiful!!’

But like every journey this one is also bumpy and shaky at times. Both of us share not only good and cheerful moments, but also tough and unpleasant conditions. No two souls are perfect, nor they know each and everything, but they love and value each other. Our likes and dislikes are hundred degrees apart at times, if its black for me, it can be white for him. So conflicting and diverse!! But yes!! Opposites attract and we prove it true. Actually that’s the best part, you get to enjoy other person’s choices as well. And you never know sometimes it can be genuinely better than yours. We are two different people, with lots of opinions, which may conflict at times and it is perfectly normal and acceptable to disagree. There are fights and arguments, we might fail to understand each other and there might be distances. We obviously differ about certain things and get angry, annoyed, upset and irritated. But at the end it’s all about giving a chance. To understand, trust, love, care and believe… The charm should never die. Beneath dark and roaring sky, there is always sunshine waiting. Big moments are so very special, but few little ones are what make up a life. When we’re fighting over a stupid matter or collapse on to the couch in tears, laughing at some joke, or when we hug each other tightly before he leaves for ship; those moments constantly remind us, how blessed we are. And this feeling is the only feeling that is complete and true for two mad souls in love.

We complete each other!! I found a man who wants to grow old with me, however ugly I get, with whom I can share my deepest and silliest fears, someone who will go an extra mile every day to see me smile. And he found a woman who will be with him at every step, in all ups and downs, lows and highs of his life. Who wants to make him happy every second of her life and will love and trust him beyond the universe.

I found my king and he found his queen, and together we will build a divine castle. Castle of our dreams and promises and love and faith. For our love is neverending and so are our dreams ❤

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