Little Wonders of Life :-)

While I was just sitting and reading the other day, my cell phone rang. My hubby’s name flashed and I was so stupidly grinning. It gave me some kind of excitement and happiness I was unaware of. Well it’s just as simple and routine as a phone call, but something so special that it made me laugh in the most peculiar way possible. For a moment I was elated beyond imagination. Amidst my extremely normal day, where nothing big happened, this gave me unexpected joy and happiness. And suddenly I realised how these little moments keep illuminating my life always. I might be foolish enough sometimes to ignore them, but they always exist and are precious. Being a sailor’s wife, I always wait for that one day when he will be back. When we will enjoy our time and create new memories. Its tough to be away from each other, and I always-just look forward to his return. But there are so many moments in between which add on to our delights and pleasure and which sometimes we don’t recognise.

While he sails across blue waters and colossal oceans, there are days when we can’t even hear each other for weeks. When life gets busy and we’re constantly going from one thing to the next. And while we take it all as mundane and routine, few sunshine moments just complete our life and provide more bliss. Too easy to overlook and to appreciate, really trivial, but awesome things in life. I recently took some time to reflect on all those little things that truly give meaning to my life and need to welcome just that little bit more. Short satellite phone calls, where there is so much of lapse, but still happy to hear each other’s voice and well being. Mails blinking in my inbox, which I just cant wait to read. A small caring and loving message, which he dropped when he was in, port last time. A video chat when we get to see other after days or months, and that smile makes my day. A picture that he shared with me and I can’t help staring it all day long. The concern and care if all is well? The promise that he will be back soon. The thrill of counting days getting reduced from three to two to one digit finally. The feeling when he tells how much he miss me and just can’t wait to be back. It’s all in that one and very tiny moment. So different and so beautiful. Just a simple phone call can be so therapeutic. It may sound insignificant, but you can never imagine how striking and perfect that may be until you are alone, and doing all by yourself what you normally do together.

Little joys in life deserve celebration, celebration of life and of being alive. It’s not something that can be shelved for enjoyment at a later date. Life should be rejoiced in smallest of wonders; the smile of a person you love, the smell of first raindrops on scorched earth, the sight of a baby kitten, the aroma of sweet dish on the stove, the splendour of colourful and artistic rangoli, the sound of chirping birds early morning, the smell of an old book, fresh waffles with ice cream and bananas, excitement of seeing an old friend, bringing home a pug, a bowl of hot n spicy maggi, waking up before alarm and feeling wide awake, making plans with family, hugging your mom and dad, a small change in routine, a beautiful sunset, finding money we didn’t know we had, fighting with your brother, decking up new house, fresh flower in garden, baking a cake, an outing with cousins, playing with pets, walking barefoot in sand, a long drive, putting on favourite lipstick, wearing flowers in hair and all such run-of-the-mill things that  bring us countless joy. Sometimes, I long for peace and quiet, but I wonder what my life would be like without all this hullabaloo, unquestionable love and amazements. At times, what we want may not be what we need. Waking up every morning to a bright and gorgeous sun is plentiful blessing for the day, but even showers have their significance. Let’s appreciate these little joys of life, love, laughter, kindness, and gratitude.

Big things in life come and go; upcoming future might arise thousands of reasons to revel, but let’s make a choice to be happy and celebrate little joys and wonders of today.

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