The Real World Magicians!!

It was all dark and dim before my eyes!! I couldn’t see or hear or even stand. I just crashed on stairs and all I cud make out is my mom rushing towards me and my dad holding me. I could barely open my eyes. All my strength was gone and suddenly I was so weak and feeble and in bad state. If it wasn’t for my mom and dad I would have injured myself badly that day. From past three days they were taking care of me like a baby. Feeding me, giving me medicines, spending sleepless night in hospital, helping me walk and stand and lie down. My mom wiping my tears (as I am scared of needles a bit and was missing my hubby tooūüėĚ) and giving me strength each instant. Taking care of¬†each and everything that could make me comfortable and better. Helping me recover as fast as I can. And my dad has all the time in the world to feed me with his own hands coz I¬†mean the world to him. And right now, nothing else matters!! But why should¬†I only mention about today, they always did this for me. From the moment I was born they treated me nothing less than a princess. Whether I am sick or sad or sulky, my voice would just let them know all about me. And they have such a superpower of vanishing everything bad and gloomy and turning me all lively and happy and energetic. Like they possess a magic wand or something!! The real magicians I should say‚̧ԳŹ

I still remember struggling during my PhD days. Stuck with a devilish guide, strange city, selfish people, heaps of work and sleepless nights, I felt like escaping at times. Feeling hopeless and helpless. With everything so cruel around, I was skeptical if ever I will attain my dream and get a doctorate degree. But more than me, this dream of mine was important to my parents. They held me throughout and never let me lose hope. On every step, be it my first day at lab, registration, seminars, writing papers, publications, submitting thesis, viva and finally the convocation, they cheered me, supported me, understood me, scolded me, guided me and helped me sail safely and blazingly through those dusky years. They helped me live my dream. Helped me walk when sick, helped me eat when weak, helped me stand when I stumbled, helped me face the world when I was fearful, helped me realize when I was stubborn, helped me focus when I was wandering and helped me to be who I am today!! To create my own identity!!

Selfless, unconditional and forgiving!! These words perfectly describe my parents and their love for me. No one and nothing in this world is more precious to them than my smile and me. From the day I gained consciousness till today they never left me alone. And they never will!! I might be a strong and independent and a married girl today, but still I am their little girl! I came as a stranger to this world with limited understanding and unbounded curiosities. At times a naive task might seem to be threatening, while; I might underestimate a brooding task. The huge errand of sorting out what is useful and what is useless lay ahead of me. ¬†Even today I might drift on to various state of minds such as; confused, angry, careless, irresponsible, childish and immature. But they don’t let me drift and break apart. They bring back the real me and unleash the power within! They know me best!!

An epitome of compassion, hard work and determination, I learnt these assets by observing them during their trying times. Guiding me through my journey, but never caved the path for me. Given me ample freedom to make my own decisions and the opportunity to make my own path, no matter how hard it may be. My accomplishments made them proud, my happiness made them happy, my smile brought smile on their faces and my tears brought tears in their eyes. Such connection and such emotions!! Only parents can have for their child. Looking back and thinking about what all they have done for me, just make me feel so blessed and lucky. They gave me everything!! Perfect education, etiquettes, vision, dreams, courage, strength, knowledge, wisdom and above all the freedom and chance to begin my life across this unknown and challenging world. What more could I ask for?? Asking for more and anything else would be too materialistic and selfish of me.

My parents gave me just the perfect and best of everything in life; including them…. THE PERFECT PARENTS!!

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