Flying high…. hell yeah!! #offthebucketlist


Well this bucket list of mine really never ends. I keep adding on to it (making sure it’s never empty😜). And it can be really simple ones like Getting a designer bag to the most extreme ones like Skydive!! Ever since I saw some of my friend’s pictures and videos, I wanted to do this. And yeah!! That makes one more addition to “my bucket list.” To be honest I was never (and still) an adventurous types and keeps afar from such gushes of adrenaline rush. I feel it’s better to be alive and enjoy life 😝…so from where I gathered all that courage to skydive, even I am unaware of. It’s just that I wanted to do it and made sure I did. Meanwhile I made my hubby go mad with my continuous planning and non stop watching of skydive videos. All we did everyday was planning our Dubai vacations and discussing skydive !!😜

Finally the day arrived, My big day (since I was both nervous and excited even more than the day I was getting married😂). Sounds crazy but I was. I planned it all and at last here we are. I was excited that we both were diving and hence it was “our big day.” Somewhere the pictures and videos had an effect on him also and he was equally eager and excited to jump. But our excitement took a back seat as we saw clouds pouring in through our hotel window. And suddenly all those back up plans about rescheduling and all starting popping up incase we didn’t get to dive today!! We had no intentions of returning back to India without our share of adventure. Fortunately weather God was on our side that day, soon clouds cleared up and it was bright and sunny. And voila! We were on our way.

Here we are!!!! 😁😁

We were nervous thinking about the jump all our way, but all our nerves disappeared once we walked into “SKYDIVE DUBAI” and saw travellers from all areas of the world either suiting up, leaving to go jump or laughing at their skydive video playing on a giang screen for all to see.  All nerves were instantly left at the door due to the fun atmosphere this place let off.  I was sitting, waiting for my turn, watching everyone ready to bask in the glory of skydive and somewhere thinking, I still have time to run 😜…Soon my instructor called my name. A young, handsome and truly professional diver, Jerry was all ready to take me to the clouds. After suiting up and showing some courage on camera, we set off to board the plane finally…and soon we took off to our destination, ‘palm drop zone.’

One of the most beautiful skydive drop zones in the world. But at the the moment nothing seems beautiful and I could hear my heart beating louder and louder. All excitement vanished into thin air seeing the height at which we were. Inside the plane my photographer was busy cracking jokes and making me smile. And there!! Lights went green, time to jump. Jerry tightened up all my harnesses, checked all equipments and made sure I am safe in his hands, gave me a hi-fi and thumbs up to the photographer. I blowed a kiss to my hubby who was last to jump and he too gave me a thumbs up. The door fell open and the wind gushed inside our plane. Everything was just enough to give you goosebumps and make you back out!! And now I felt that great Adrenaline rush within me… And my mind told, YOU HAVE TO JUMP!! My legs were kinda shivering while I was standing on the exit door ready to jump. I looked at the camera to stop myself from looking down but it all happened so quickly.  Jerry asked me ‘good to go?’ but before I could answer or say yes or no, we jumped off the plane. All I remember was seeing a flash of white and then falling off  and seeing my cameraman in front of me. I couldn’t actually breathe with the wind, but the whole feeling was so amazing.

And we jump!!! Wohoooooooooo 😊

My feet tingled as I felt the force of the fall pushing up against my face and watched the Palm islands drawing closer. High up in the air, free falling from 13000ft  at the speed of almost 220 kms/hr, the feeling was something I can never ever describe. I was told to smile throughout and look at the photographer, but I got so mesmerised by the view that I forgot it all ( which is clearly evident in my pictures😜😝). Though sometime later I posed for my pictures high up in the air. The stunning view of Arabian gulf and palm jumeirah and everything else was so breathtakingly beautiful. It was startling  to see a man made island at such a picturesque level and the aerial view of it was just mind blowing!!

The exotic view !!

After those 60-70 seconds of free fall, Jerry opened the parachute and then began the peaceful and serene descend with the incredible scenic view of Dubai and skyline.  I was flying like a bird, all that adrenaline rush is settled and I was feeling calm and relax and happy. The view  was so phenomenal, almost surreal – so much that fear escapes you and all you can do is absorb the beauty experience into your entire soul. Jerry was making some scary dives and twists and turns while we descend but then it was nothing compared to the feeling of standing at the exit of plane at 13000ft and ready to jump. Oh yes!! And  we landed safely. I was so overjoyed that I was literally dancing. I never felt so accomplished in my lifetime. It was wonderful and there I saw my hubby landing down in a distance. Relieved and happy at the same time that we both are back safe and finally it’s off our bucket list. Both of us couldn’t contain our laughter and the feeling of achievement. And the only question which we were discussing afterwards, sipping our coffee and watching other’s landing was ” how did we jump????”😝😝

Superman 🤗

The happy duo 😘

Hands down the best experience money can buy. It’s very strange to think that you are throwing yourself out of the plane and then saving later with a parachute but the whole experience is so thrilling and people are so amazing that there is no turning back!! BIG thanks to Ankur for being the partner-in-rhyme, SkyDive folks for the awesome planning, scheduling & arrangements and most importantly to My instructor and photographer for making me dive safely and capture all those blood rushing and marvellous memories.

And I did it !! 👍😬

For I had never even dreamt in the wildest of my dreams that I would be diving like this ever, but I did and it was “THE EPIC SKYDIVE.”


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