Yes!! I am THE QUEEN


“Her Value is Priceless, Her Potential is Limitless. SHE IS A QUEEN”

A queen is no ordinary woman. She is a symbol of strength, love, patience, responsibility, beauty, happiness and honesty. She is one to whom all other woman look upto, and represents confidence and utmost dedication. But it’s not that easy to hold the position of queen in real world. In fairy tales, a common girl becomes a queen after finding her prince charming and thereby living happily ever after. But a common girl needs courage, passion and open mindedness, to smoothly sail in her realm as queen. Loving someone who is bound by his duties for the sea, unable to give you as much time as you would like, someone who stays apart for months at a time, is not easy. It’s no cakewalk and not all can take up this challenge. It is a privilege and honor only special girls chose to commit. That’s why we are ‘Queens’. We have a kingdom to rule and keep it going with love, patience and understanding.

But with the crown comes great responsibilities and vast periods of loneliness. The world may sometime think of us as fragile, vulnerable, weak and dependent. BUT WE ARE NONE!! We are strong, liberated and modern women ready to face and conquest every situation. And this belief of mine grew sturdier as I made some cheerful and young navy girlfriends. My gang of these stunning women (Harsha, Nidhi (Sharma), Smriti, Nidhi (Singh), Divya and Swati) is everything from being gorgeous, sexy, confident, passionate, independent, brave, outgoing, successful, and of course ‘pillar of strength’ for their sailors sailing across blue waters. From a brilliant & breathtaking wife to a doting mom, we are avid social workers, lively homemakers, focused entrepreneurs, budding managers, researchers, doctors and teachers.  We are full of life and shows that marrying a sailor doesn’t mean waiting and missing him all the time. We know how to get hold of things and manage them alone. Being it time, family, friends, work, home, loneliness or togetherness. We know how to be a rock support to our soul mate and let his time onboard be hassle and tension free, where he can concentrate on work without being bothered about anything. For, he too knows our power and potential to create a sunny life even when he is not around.

These divas made me realise that I am not the only loopy loner :P. We all have almost same problems, same stages and same life. But that does not make us all a snappish soul. We are born to be happy. We share our feelings, frustrations, anger, worries and troubles. They count on me and I count on them. We need not explain each other ‘the navy/ship jargons’ (Which make us little more close :-P). We understand the acceptance of an unexpected joining and also the infuriation of delayed sign offs. We all celebrate when our sailors arrive and help each other cruise gracefully and merrily through the throbbing period of separation.

Mapping our headway at every level and passing through countless testing times, we keep on going, showing boundless willpower and mettle. We are not just wives and moms and daughters and daughter-in-laws, but a ‘divine spark, a resolute mind and an unconquerable soul.’ We are not robotic and cold, so naturally we have our share of sorrows, we miss our companions, and cry and have those grouchy and grumpy and sullen days (Ask our pillows for the hidden truth :-P). But nothing keeps us stranded and away from accomplishing our goals. Nothing keeps us away from smiling, dancing, singing, having good food and wine.

And being high, high on life!!


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