Smile like Sunshine :-)

I often keep analyzing my outlook on life and think whether I can or I should improve my attitude in everyday situations. Many times I find myself thinking, ‘hey don’t be so negative’ but, is that as easy as it sounds? Well its always easier said than done. We all have our share of miserable days and its important to remember that. The idea of being positive 24*7 is about as unrealistic as me giving up on chocolates or cookies for the rest of my life…never going to happen. But that just cannot curb my smile. A more positive, bigger and magical smile!! 😀

As women we occasionally just lose ourselves. Maybe we are way too much in a relationship to think about ourselves or devote too much time into work or feel lost in the challenges of motherhood or just feel lonesome. The way we deal with good or bad occurrences has an impact on everything else we do during the day. They impact our health, our work, our mind and our boundless powers. And knowing our inner self and being positive can quash this harmful impact. Rather than complaining and criticizing, appreciate all little things in life can work. At the end of the day, just think of few things that pleased you. It could be as simple as your breakfast, painting your nails, or something inordinate like getting promoted at workplace. Think all about it before going to bed and you will not only sleep more cheerful and positive but also wake up with an anticipation of what the rising sun can bring. Reflect your life journey and contemplate through what is going well. Take stock of blissful things that happened, even if there are not many; focus on them. Look for more laughter everytime and remember your worth. Sometimes wicked feelings arise from how sternly you judge yourself, or how harshly other people judge you. But something which should never be overlooked is that you’re just as worthy as everyone else and deserve to be treated equally. Optimistic people seem to be able to laugh at situations and themselves. While we can’t entirely expel pessimistic thinking, it doesn’t mean we can’t introduce positivity. Doesn’t mean we always think and believe in worse!! Going around, reading newspapers or watching TV make us conscious of so many adverse things occuring and amidst all those destructive and negative actions we actually miss out on the positive ones. We miss out the good for bad. 😦

It might be difficult to remember, but the world we live in is pretty contagious and magical. It has the power to influence, and its nothing less than magic that our own thoughts and emotions could be passed onto others!! Think of a time when you saw somebody dancing, a child laughing out of pure joy, fresh flowers blooming, rains pouring in or two friends simply giggling. How did it make you feel? Didn’t it make you at least smile, even if you weren’t having a great day? I know that when I hear my friends or siblings bursting out in laughter, I can’t help but smile! Or if someone approaches me honestly and shares a happy moment, how it softens even a tough moment of mine. It’s just the same with negative mindsets. Can you recall a time when someone walked in completely sour and how it brought down the mood in the room? When someone started yelling at you and how it made your prettiest smile vanish away in thin air? Or when u simply encounter a sullen and cranky person negative about everything? What does it do to you?? Turns even a joyful and great moment into an ordinary and evil one. Well that’s the magic…!! We all have the remarkable ability to sway the spirits of people around us. We don’t think of our environs when being negative or positive but our surroundings get unnatural, which in turn affect us. If we express happiness and positivity, then we can uplift other peoples’ mood. If we express annoyance, we will get the same. Life would be much more simpler and merrier to live with positivity and smiles all around. Even the tiniest thing has its own beauty; it only requires a keen eye to perceive it.

Even on a bad day, try and contemplate the silver lining. Smile and move ahead. Let the sunshine come in. Doing this you might be on the first stepping-stone of leading a positive life. And who knows where it might take you ❤

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  1. Rakesh shrivastava says:

    Nice analysis…really sometimes one feels very disappointing..During journey of life…It is not important what we think about ourselves..important is what he (God) thinks about us….best is cheer n b positive…


    1. RUPS says:

      Yes papa😘😘


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