Let colours pour in !!

Yesterday, I was admiring a black and white picture clicked by me. It was an ageless and gorgeous picture, I was in love with. So deep and real. I absolutely adore black and white pictures. They are picturesque in their own way. I imagine trembling hands of an old woman holding a memorable black and white picture of good old times and her smile. How would an artist represent melancholy, despair and pain if there wasn’t something called black and white? How strange would the sky look if it has to wear some other colour but black during the thunderstorms? This always made me find black and white irresistible and mysterious and full of depth. But soon I tumbled upon the coloured version of same picture and I was lost. Is it the same picture????? Really?? Colours gave life to it. It was as if the palette of colours tripped from the hands of creator onto the canvas to intensify its artistic beauty. It was such an amazing a transformation; from being lifeless and dull to a vivacious and diverse and unimaginable print. They provoked the aesthetic splendor, charm and energy of life. Why should something be in black and white when colours have so much to offer? Isn’t it true??? 

And this made me realise colours are so responsible for providing identity to each and every object, be it breathing or inert, distinguishing it from the rest. Just imagine how will we differentiate between the rising sun that radiates hope and positivity from the setting sun that calls for repose, if entire nature is forced to re-envelope itself in black and white? That orange sky fills us with freshness n faith. How would a girl know feelings hidden in the heart of a young gentleman who had gifted a rose in black and white? How depressing a clear black sky would be? How low-spirited would be black and white lilies? How powerful and fierce the redness of kumkum and bindi makes a woman! How soothing and tranquil the green grass is! How mighty and vast blue ocean is! How happy those pink cheeks of newborn make us and how blissful a bride looks with those wrists full of vibrant bangles. What magnificence a rangoli would hold and how unusual would be a festival like holi without colours? There are no dazzling black tulips and no rainbow without the combination of seven distinctive colours. Purple make periwinkles look distinctive and lovely. Lush green fields make us happier than black soil. Sunflowers glow because of yellow. A coral or pink wall makes happier and brighter homes. Few colour pencils make kids happy and colour on blackboards make learning more fun. How boring and dull would balloons look without colors and how gray would be spring without those flamboyant cherry blossoms?

Colours are much more than what they just look like at the first glance. They help express feelings that would otherwise stay in the heart forever. Unheard and unspoken. Even the cosmos that existed million of years ago refuses to show up in black and white. It always amazes me how a splash of colour can turn things rich and terrific instantly. From a product on a shelf to a legendary work of art, colour plays a dominant role in cracking visuals that bombard us everyday from “huh?” to “oh, I recognise that!” Colours make us everything ‘happy, gloomy, contented, powerful, weak, blessed, healthy, loved, creative, novel, fun, exclusive, irreplaceable and little more cheerful.’

Colours are always doing something. From screaming out a message to casting a hidden spell. They are therapeutic and magical. We never know what’s happening in the world of colour today. So add colours to your life and go win the world!!!!

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  1. Rakesh shrivastava says:

    Nice one…really colors make us happy.when we r alone…colours give us friendly feeling…life is colorful..We should make its meaning colorful


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