It’s MY LIFE!!

IMG_5156.PNGMany times in life we forget what we really want. We tend to be someone else in order to please people around us, to keep up with various norms of society, to be able to portray ourself as an adjusting person or to stand up to some false standards set up by the people and society. In all these processes we forget who we actually are and what we want to do with our life! What pleases our soul and what life means to us… we lose our vision and dreams and compare ourselves to something which we never wanted to be. Which shouldn’t be the case. Absolutely not!!! It should never matter what people or society has to say, unless you think it’s right and it makes you happy. Why should other people decide what we have to do or how we should behave??

Being a woman sometimes this is naturally expected from us, but it’s time to say NO…. let people and society understand that they can’t govern other’s lives…. every individual has a separate life and different ways of living which should be respected in every manner. Be it a man or a woman. Gender should not change the perspective or the way we look upon or the expectations. No one in this world has right to decide anything for you, except yourself. And if they do, it’s time to show them what you really are and that you are capable of ignoring them and carry on with your happiness and dreams. That you are strong and independent and no one can judge you. And as far as we are concerned, we should also be happy with ourselves, in what we do, how we live and what we want from life.

And if you think you are happy the way you are, no one else’s opinion in this world matters!! 

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