Magical Marriages!!


Marriage is all about growing up. For the relationship, its charm and love to thrive both have to grow, grow deeper. But how do we know that we are growing up? This may seem to be a very naive question, but if you view relationships (especially marriage) as a people-growing machine, then it can sometimes be hard to keep things in perspective. It really is. There are different ways to look at marriage for different people. Sometimes we don’t even bother to analyze or ruminate about our relationships. According to us, if there are no conflicts, that means we are a happily married couple. Isn’t it? Well, this is true and exceptionally imperative for a healthy relationship, where no conflicts arise. But if we think logically, is it possible for two human beings to survive together life long without any conflicts of thoughts or interests? The answer is NO. Just not possible. But here comes the growing up part. We avoid those disagreements, adjust ourselves and stick to each other. Because we want to be with each other. We want our marriages not just to work, but create magic. We always want to stay in love like we were when we first saw each other. And that demands growing up 🙂


There is a kind of progress and development that happens when two people are married. We grow a lot as an individual and also as a couple, as a family. It is one good setting for learning about some hard-core stuff about LIFE & LOVE. Really!! We discover a lot about life, come across many realities and habits of our partner which we didn’t know before, learn to take care of people around us, put him and his interests before us at times and ready to sacrifice at places. Sacrifices which are not meant to take us down or dishearten us. All these things help us grow mentally and emotionally. We become more mature and strong and decisive. With each other’s help and backing we take initiatives to do better in life and try reaching places. We help each other conquering our goals and dreams and living a life we thought to have with each other. Though every step forward sometimes bring ego, anger, aggressiveness, clash of thoughts and methods. But we overcome those and keep moving. The man and wife knows by now, what is suitable for both of them. We know what we have to leave behind and what we have to carry forward.  What we like and what we dislike about each other. Where and when and how we fine-tune to make our lives better, healthier, happier and contented.

And that’s what growing up is. Making us, our lives, love & marriage better each moment. And creating that eternal magic!!

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