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I was all thrilled, happy and on cloud 9 when finally we were off to Dubai. My hubby, and me we both love travelling and exploring new places and hence our bucket lists are always full, but this one was like a long awaited trip. Dubai has always been in my travel radar and it wont be alarming and ironic that I come home declaring it as one of my favourite cities visited so far. I’ve been thinking from quite a long time on how I would go about writing my Dubai travel blog since experiences here are countless. In a week trip, we visited lot of places and almost all of them are my favourite. Its not easy to pick just one. Before I start telling you all about my share of adventures and fun and the places, I would like to mention that Dubai is a place where you get to enjoy ‘EVERYTHING.’ Sun, Sand, Oceans, Shopping, Skyscrapers, Roller Coasters, Scubadive, Skydive, Sharkdive and what not!! Its just a picture-perfect vacation place. And will make you go crazy!!

The gorgeous view of skyscrapers in Dubai!!

So, one of my best amongst all Dubai explorations, is ‘The Desert Safari.’ Rock and roll hummer safari with arabian music is an experience you will never forget. Fine golden sand as far as your eyes can see, warm winds, colourful camels, glowing desert camps offering the very traditional ‘Kahwa and Dates’, and the superfun ‘Belly Dance.’ Dubai leaves you mesmerized.

The Great Arabian Desert in Dubai!!
Desert Camp at night!!

It’s rather easy to forget that this place is actually a desert that has been reclaimed and built over, with structures that are, as majestic and sprawling as any of the sheikh’s palaces, like ‘Zabeel Palace.’ I wonder what it would be like living there in this beauty!!

Zabeel Palace, Dubai residence and administrative headquarters of the Ruling Royal family of Dubai!!

‘Burj Khalifa’ one of the tallest building in world, is nothing less than a wonder. The enthralling and amazing view that it offers from its sky deck at 148th floor will leave you wondering, why didn’t you visit this place earlier???

From the top of Burj Khalifa, 148th floor !! Awesome view 🙂
Glittery Khalifa!!
City view from the top!!

‘Dubai Mall’, adjacent to Burj Khalifa is one of my favourite places in Dubai. Well, not because you can shop non-stop as it the world’s largest mall, but you can try various cuisines here, best of sorbets and cakes, and also enjoy various activites it has to offer. ‘The Dubai Aquarium’ has one of the largest tanks in the world, and offers world’s largest viewing panel. ‘Underwater Zoo’ offers inordinate aquatic experience, whether it is walking along the Rainforest or living ocean environments, visitors may find themselves face to face with Giant Catfish, Piranha, Otters, Penguin Colony and much more.

Best Mango Sorbet I ever had!! :-*


Dubai Aquarium!!

The most fascinating of all here are ‘Dubai Fountains’, again ‘world’s largest dancing fountains’ shooting water jets 500ft. high. The beaming lights of this fountain, catches the eye from more than 20miles away. While you sit outside and appreciate these magical fountains, you can also enjoy boat ride and admire the massive burj khalifa and its glitzy lights. ‘Dubai Museum’ takes you through the history of Dubai in a very interesting way!!

The majestic and magical Dubai fountains 🙂
Boat ride at Dubai mall!
Inside the Dubai Museum!!

While we were on the way to ‘Jumeirah Beach’ it’s really interesting to just watch the city pass by the car window. This place is a treasure trove for architects because you can’t help but marvel at how exceptional the constructions here are. City is meticulously planned and most of the residential sectors look like modern Aladdin’s hometown. Beaches in Dubai are like one we fancy about. Clear blue waters, golden sand, shining sun and stunning view of ‘Burj Al Arab.’ Another mega structure, third tallest and most luxurious hotel in the world.

Golden Jumeirah Beach and stunning view of Burj Al Arab 😀

The main city of Dubai is very modern, but there are still areas where one can feel and appreciate the “old Dubai.” ‘Dhow Cruise” on Dubai creek gives you picturesque glimpse of both old and new Dubai, soaring structures, super yachts and simple boats. One can adore a pretty sunset here, while shopping for some authentic dates in the local old markets.

View from the Dhow Cruise!!
Amazing Sunset from the Dhow Cruise in Old Dubai!!

Dubai offers one of the best skydiving zones in the world. Diving from 13000 feet and the stunning view of ‘Palm Jumeirah’ will give you goosebumps at first, and all smiles later. A must experience if you love adventure. ‘Skydive Dubai’ is located very close to Palm Jumeirah, which also host the very famous hotel ‘Atlantis, The Palm.’  ‘Aquaventure Water Park’ and ‘Nasimi Beach,’ which frequently plays host to concerts and other events, complements it. Once we got back alive and cheerful after skydiving, we went to Nasimi Beach restaurant, and trust me, it serves some of the best cocktails and food, with the divine ambience.

Ready for the adventure. Skydive calling !!
Up in the air…13000 Ft…and the gorgeous ‘Palm’
‘Atlantis, The Palm’
Nasimi Beach

And yes!! If you are bored of water and sand and sun and structures, Dubai offers you snow. ‘Ski Dubai’ is an indoor ski resort located in ‘Mall of The Emirates’ allowing you to learn and practice skiing, experience chair car and loveliest of all, interact and spend time with penguins. We met two really cute penguins ‘Cuddly and Wally’ and fell in love with them. This is one reason I would love to go to this place again and again. 😛

All ready to explore Ski Dubai
Fun with Penguins at Ski Dubai !! ❤

Abu Dhabi, the second most populous city of UAE, is very near to Dubai and one should definitely visit, if in Dubai. The fastest roller coaster ‘Formula Rossa’ in ‘Ferrari World’ with a top speed of 240 km/h will leave you breathless. ‘Yas Island and Marina Circuit’ here are among major attractions. The very famous ‘Sheikh Zayed Mosque’, its unique and flawless architecture, grandeur and tranquility will leave you speechless. I experienced wearing ‘Abaya’ here, for the first time and I got some truly gorgeous pictures clicked. :-P. City has some remarkable superstructures like ‘Etihad Towers’ and ‘Capital Gate.’ Also one can enjoy salty wind and waves at beautiful beaches like ‘Saadiyat Public Beach.’

Love at Ferrari World. Behind is the track of one of the scariest ride here ‘Flying Ace’
Ferrari love !!
The Grand ‘Sheikh Zayed’ Mosque
All bright and lively !!

Week ended rapidly exploring beaches, restaurants, museums, gold markets, haggling at local stalls, enjoying arabian music, marveling at the architecture and skylines, and falling in love with these magnificent and spectacular places. Its finally time to go home. I am glad that we planned this trip, had fun and soaked in so much of freshness and grandeur. There is always more to see and explore. And I am determined to return here sometime.

But one thing is for certain – this city is more than a stopover destination! This city is love ❤ and it took my heart away!!19400184_1805444416150654_5019996850459777971_n

These fun things to do in Dubai should definitely be on the top of your bucket list on your Dubai vacation. Let us know how it goes!!! Hope you all enjoy reading my blog, its informative and will help you plan your fab trip to Dubai.

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  1. restlessjo says:

    Fabulous! You certainly made the most of it! What a place to sky dive! 🙂 🙂
    Many thanks for the follow.

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    1. RUPS says:

      Thanks 🙂
      Yes!! Its an amazing place to dive, totally worth….And Dubai is love<3
      Thanks for the follow 🙂

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