See Miracles In Life Everyday (SMILE) :-)


Peace begins with a Smile 🙂

Talk about inner peace or outer peace, it all begins with a smile. Is there anyone in the world, who doesn’t like to smile or hate others smiling?? Well, I don’t think so. Smile is the most powerful gesture in the whole world. Someone said so true that ‘Sometimes we smile out of joy and sometimes our smiles can be the source of joy.’ They make you forget worst of all. Bad days, bad weather, bad results and what not. A piece of art like Monalisa became so sensationally famous because of her powerful and mighty grin.

We all agree with the boundless power of smile. It is not something that only scientists and spiritual gurus know about and preach the world. We experience it on daily basis. Our whole world revolves around smiles. How blissful a mother feels when her toddler smiles while sleeping, nothing makes father happier than seeing her daughter smile, a sunny professor will disappear all monday morning blues, a gorgeous smile from a girl makes your heart skip a beat, you know you did a fab job when your hubby smiles while having dinner, you feel so protected and adored, when your brother smiles and hug you, a truly valued one you are when your pals smile, even when you end up doing blunders. When you smile and leave a restaurant, the owner knows you will be back again and there is no better relief when your doctor smiles and says you are good. One simple act can transform you and your soul.

To be honest, we can’t always control what ensues, but I am 100% confident that adorning your face with a grin can instantly alter your internal and external appearance. Surround yourself with all positive, perky and cheerful people, places and things. Watch for all the fun in life, look people in the eye and show them your pearly whites. World is simply a better place to live when you smile. It is both powerful and contagious. It has the authority of making us appear more attractive, lifting up our mood, of people around us and lengthening our lives.

So before you step out in this crazy world, wear a lovely & genuine smile on that face of yours. Follow my words and trust me, you will thank me later.

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  1. CreativeSiba says:

    Yes I have truly experience being a Banker cum Blogger.

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