Spreading Happiness My Way!! :-)

A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others!!


How many of you agree to this? Well, I totally do. According to me you don’t just do good to others by helping them, but also help yourself. It becomes a source of our own happiness, gratification and inner peace, which sometimes cannot be accomplished by anything materialistic in our life. I am not saying or writing this just for the sake of my blog, but I personally experienced this. I work as a board member of ‘Hari-Kamal Foundation for Policy Research’, which work towards overall development, and betterment of community and nation. So, last month our team planned a visit to an orphanage, taking care of physically and mentally challenged/disabled children. Well, I have never been to an orphanage for ‘special children’ and thus I had no idea what it would be like. We did best of our preparations and took goodies and treats for children. Finally the day came!!


As soon as I entered the orphanage it was all quiet and calm. I cannot see any children outside, playing or sitting on swings or cycling or running around. This was the first disparity I noted and it made me perturbed. A place full of toddlers can never be so low, but it was. Abnormally low.  The reason being, all children were inside a huge hall undergoing their therapy sessions. Some were undergoing speech therapy, some physiotherapy; some were trying to stand on their legs, while some were just staring blankly. To be honest I got terrified seeing all this.

There was a boy suffering from macrocephaly, his head was too large for his body and he was unable to sit or stand on his own. He was secured to a structure to support him so that he doesn’t fall, which was anomalous and painful to see. I can never forget those lively eyes and innocent pretty face, looking at me constantly. I was stirred, my heart ached at his condition and I was wondering what must be going on in his mind?

Kids for me are always cute, chirpy, playful and naughty, but this was an entire different world with entirely different children. And yes it exists!! Where these little bundle of joys can’t walk, stand, talk, see, play like other normal children, go to school, read or write, watch cartoons, eat chocolates or pizza or enjoy games and outings. They don’t even have a mother to sing lullaby while sleeping, a father to teach them walk holding their tiny fingers or a sibling to fight and share. They are different, away from all of us, trying to overcome their travails. They want to be a part of our world, our society, and our happiness but do we accept them as they are? Are we kind enough to take care and give unconditional love to them? The answer is NO. We still live in a society where only our interests matter most. Our joy, time, family, careers and life. Nothing holds as much value as ourselves.


We barely bother about any else, leave about these children alone!! But these children are just like us, part of our society. Wanting to be loved, to be tended. They were so pleased to see us as if we came to put an end to all their woes and sufferings. I could see their bright beaming eyes while we handed them their gifts. Some of them couldn’t see what they have got, but they felt everything and smiled. I aided some of them walking, gave them chocolates to eat and they were all smiles. I was a stranger to them, but they treated me like their family. Like I am the one they were waiting for. And believe me those acquitted grins, were most precious gifts I ever received.


I was pondering how come I was not sensitive of all this till now!! I never made an effort to reach out to these children. I was so busy in my life, hoarding more and more, even when I have plenty of everything. How come I never thought of these little charms who have nothing in this world, of their own??? Who find their happiness in visitors!! We abandon them to become orphans just because they are disabled?? Because they are not normal? Because we are too busy and self-centered to look after them? Well, who gave us this right to disown a child just because he/she is disabled? And what made us so hard hearted? So numb to their agonies and miseries? So emotionless and frozen?? They are also like our little children waiting to be accepted, by our realm, our society and us.



They have nothing to offer us, but we can give them what they deserve. Love, respect, care and affection. We can be a part of their world, their glitches and pains. We have everything we can think of, we are physically, mentally and financially well off and we have people around us to care. There is no harm in being a bit thoughtful about others as well. Especially about these deprived and feeble children. We spend so much of our time, energy, money and resources on enjoying our lives, making it comfortable and getting the best, then why can’t we devote a little of ourselves in aiding these kids??


Offering them with little of our time, warmth and tenderness. After all they are also God’s creation and human beings like us. What wrong have they done to deserve such dark life, full of pain, loneliness, sufferings and hatred? I don’t think they personally asked for any of these. It’s just that god made them bit different. Bit more special. Remember, they are not disabled, they are ‘special’ and they have absolutely no say in it.

So lets come together and help these special creations of god. Help them with a better life, a better future. Bring smile to these lovely faces and make them feel, that they are not alone. And that they are not disabled!!

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  1. Very nice rupal… and well said. If we each of us take some responsibility of them they will definitely have a different future with lots of happiness and smile. We all can contribute but we are so busy in our own stuff….

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    1. RUPS says:

      Yes Smriti, but that’s what we have to think about and do!! Take out time from our busy schedules and contribute towards their betterment. Hope ppl understand 😊


  2. Christy B says:

    Uplifting words! 🙂


  3. A very touching read! And what a beautiful way to spread happiness!


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