In my day-to-day life, I end up meeting so many people. And each of them is different. Some are good, some are bad. Some are friendly while some are serious. Some are bold, flashy and voluble, while some are subtle, quiet and thoughtful. Well, the list goes on. There exists like million varieties of people on this earth or universe. But one class, which really irritates me most, is that of Selfish People. While no one wants to hear negative feedback about them, they really dislike being called, selfish. But they possess all basic characteristics of being one, like, ‘Self-centered, Rude, Lacking empathy, Jealous, Uncaring, etc.

Such people are way beyond my tolerating capabilities and I just can’t stand them. I have had many encounters with such people and I only learned their reality after being with them. And that was like worst experience. This quality is something, which doesn’t reflect at once, but takes time to uncover itself and reveal the real face. And all this time, you are mistaking them to be your friend, relative, well-wisher and what not!! But they are just an ugly soul, not suitable for you. Not for anyone I guess!

file.jpgSelfish people consume other’s time and energy and there’s no end in sight to their conceit. They exist to just care about themselves or some people like them. They call you when they need to talk or need something really urgent, visit you when they feel lonely or don’t wanna cook, honey coated words they speak when they want things their way, show love most when they know its not the right time to separate and pay bills for your favourite pizza when they want something more valuable in return. Huh!! Isn’t it all-weird enough? Totally manipulative, calculative and hard hearted people which can be really uncouth at times and make you feel bad.

These people come in and out of our lives in different ways and can appear anywhere, like our workplace, love life, and even our own family and friends. Imagine how stressful and draining it can be to spend time with someone who is utterly self-centered? This brings me to the quandary and let me think why recognizing selfish behaviour and techniques to cope up is so important. Some basic strategies or ways that help dealing with such people and showing them there real faces are:

IGNORE THEM: The best way to be happy even when you are surrounded with such people is to ‘ignore’ them. Doesn’t matter if they are sad or happy, ‘JUST IGNORE THEM’ Coz the moment you will pay attention, they will again cling to you, suck your blood and leave you upset. So stay away!!

CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES:  If you really want to fight with someone over their behavior, sometimes be prepared for a loud & unpleasant argument. Your close ones might not like it, and you may end up much more embarrassed but at last it’s all worth the show.

SPEAK IT UP:  While someone is being rude, a quiet word requesting that its high time they should stop, might help. Anger might follow, especially if they feel criticized, so its better be calm and friendly, but to the point. Make sure they realize that they are wrong and that their behavior is affecting others.

REALISE YOUR VALUE:  Recognize what you actually can and cannot do. Sometimes we keep taking things and pushing our limits but that’s not necessary. Maintain your own sense of what is right and wrong and take a step further.

JUST ELIMINATE THEM: If nothing works, this is the best!! You definitely don’t need people in your life who treat you poorly or disrespect you. Even if someone has terrific qualities or is close enough, they can’t treat you like trash and need not stay in your life. It might be the time to set limits and boundaries with such selfish people. Nothing should ever affect your self-esteem or other aspects of your life, negatively. Nothing should destroy you. Remember, you are worthy of respect, compassion, and kindness, and if someone isn’t mannerly enough to giving you those things, it’s OK to remove them. Remove them entirely from your life, for once and all. They should get a clear message that if they wanna stay, they should stop being selfish and mean and learn to respect, else they know where the door is!!


You can never or rather should never wait around for the day selfish people finally appreciate your time and show respect for your needs or love. It’s time to stop being affected, start focusing on yourself and give these people a reality check!!


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  1. arv! says:

    I’m happy to see this post here. We all have such leeches in our lives. But sometimes they come packed as relatives, that’s when it becomes even more difficult to avoid them

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