Wonder Woman!!

I am sure we all have an inclination towards the character of ‘WONDER WOMAN’ and it somehow stirs us. We love the power, energy and impulse of the character. How heroic, bold and decisive she is, inspite of being a woman, whom we often mistake as weak, feeble and toothless. Well, while you love watching this woman perform some really cool stunts in the theatre, have you ever thought about yourself being a wonder woman?? A real life wonder woman??? Ohh yes!! I am not talking crazy, but it’s a universal truth.

Wonder woman is portrayed as a skillful woman, athlete, acrobat, fighter and strategist.  She is a major feminist icon ruling the world with wild and free spirit. She often finds herself tied up by harmful constraints of patriarchy, but her victory lies in her ability to break free from those manacles of male dominance. She embodies a distinctive approach for counterpoise, a more tactful and quiet approach at first and if it doesn’t work, her warrior side is before the world. She’s an amazingly loving person, compassionate about others and nurturing them, but she’s also fierce and powerful. She is the personification of confidence, but not perfect. There are times when she feels vulnerable and unsure of herself, but that is soon overcome by truly understanding and embracing who she is.

And that’s exactly what we all ‘REAL WOMEN’ are!! Real world ‘Wonder Women.’ Don’t you think? We are the creators, saviors and the very basis of existence of this world. The thrill is not just in being a woman, but having that femininity and absolute power, responsible not just for all creation, but also the transformation. I cannot believe any woman not feeling this wonderful sense of empowerment and well-being that springs from within.

Real lives wonder woman has many sides to her. She is revered for being strong and adored for being kind and delicate; She can be crazy with anger, rant and rage, while the next minute melt into a puddle of unconditional love. She doesn’t need to show the world her tough side every time, she can enjoy her moods and feminine aspects without having to be abide by various sayings. She doesn’t care what the world thinks of her, for she knows herself and her proficiencies. Her instinctual understanding of life and relationships, and her role as the inordinate bonding factor in a family are her inimitable strengths that she does not share with the opposite sex. Her passionate eyes, caring heart, the power of resilience, and survival are all her assets she thoroughly relishes, making her more gorgeous each day.

She doesn’t get trapped in just one role, but believes in diversity. She can be an awesome chef, a doting mother, a nasty boss, a beautiful wife, a impressive governor, a melodious singer, a courageous astronaut, a caring sister, a strict teacher, an intelligent banker, a patient doctor, a daring diva and what not!! But above each and every thing, she is a woman and she loves being one. She has indefinite powers, which makes every woman in this universe a ‘wonder woman.’


We actually don’t need a costume or abs or arsenal or a tiara to become a wonder woman. Our unique abilities provide us with the majestic aura and that clout to grow unfettered, exercise our free will, and walk in beauty! We can run, fly, swim, sacrifice, express, accept, reject, cry, laugh, love, hate and most of all make things happen. 

The best bit about being a woman is having the power to create and nurture while enjoying the thought of being a beautiful creation herself. And we don’t need any superpowers for that!! We are just born that way!! The Wonder Woman way!!


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