My Adventures With Cooking!!

There is no superior feeling than putting your heart and soul into a dish, and seeing, hearing, knowing, that the person you love is enjoying every bite of it. And of course thanking you later!! 😛


I was introduced to the world of cooking when I joined my PhD six years back. Huh!! That was one murky period of my life. After a long, hectic and stressful day it was just dreadful for my roomie and me to eat that pathetic food delivered to us in a lunch box. I love food and can’t be without something awesome for a long time. So this hatred of ours pushed us into this universal place, known as ‘kitchen’, an imperative part of almost every house on this planet!! As such I hated early mornings and on top of that preparing lunch was awful. I wished I was back home where my mum prepared bestest of meals and I simply relished them. But girl!! Time for some reality check. No mum here and I need to cook; else my day will be all the more evil. So here began my cooking adventures, and trust me I didn’t know I was so good at it 😛

My simplest of preparations like Veg Pulao, Chickpeas, Sandwiches, Stuffed Parathas, Pasta and Indian curries started hoarding appreciations from all my friends and colleagues in lab. They would wait to see what I bring for lunch while I wait for their retorts once they gobble on my recipe. And guess what!! I started feeling better and less stressful. After all I could eat whatever I desired and that too so tasteful. Me and my roomie started living a better life and could now possibly take little more amount of pressure given by our mentor 😛

The yummy tangy ‘Red Sauce Pasta’ 🙂
Fresh ‘Pizza’ from my kitchen!!

Well, to be honest we all lead busy lives, running about and carrying on tasks, which often make it impossible to create a gourmet meal. Cooking can be a pain at times. And trust me, I believe this to be true. While I write this blog about my cooking adventures, I just cannot cook on a daily basis. But yes, I love making something exotic and favorite at times and when I get myself up to get it done, I feel so much better. It’s just the realest form of creativity I enjoy and lauds me with something so delightful in return. In my kitchen, there are absolutely no rules and yeah, nobody commands me. I am my own boss and I prefer it this way!!

I love to be innovative and messy at times, indulging myself in creating something I love to eat or feel like having. Blessed with a foodie husband, this is the best way to make him feel special at times, feeding him a scrumptious meal or an overwhelming dessert straight out of my magical kitchen. While we were in UK for couple of months, I experimented a lot and prepared some of the best dishes so far (Best according to people who ate them :-P).

Strawberry Shahi Toast!!
Stuffed Tomatoes!!

I made my landlords go crazy with some authentic Indian food they never tasted before and guys I went equally wild seeing their love towards my food. They just couldn’t stop hogging on my gujiyas, rabdi, gajar ka halwa (carrot pudding), samosas, aloo paratha, pulao and kadhi chawal.

Gujiyas in Southmapton, which made people go crazy!!



And the yummy ‘Pepper Chicken’

And not only that, I made sure I learnt something different from them as well. Baked chicken, spaghetti, creamy pasta, carrot cake, apple pie, brownies and ganache are few I learnt from them and made my hubby go mad later.

Learnt to make goooey chocolate brownies!!
And this baked chicken, potatoes and garlic bread dinner was the best I learnt from my friends in Southampton!!

I personally feel the power of good food is just invaluable. It unites generations, families, friends, colleagues and even enemies. I love to cook with my mother, the one who has taught me everything I know about cooking. It’s in my genes I think that I can cook so well, that I can cook with all my heart and it’s so effortless. The process streams out instinctively and swathes me as soon as I hear the ignition of the first flame. That feeling of turning something raw and uncooked into a delectable and heavenly product. It’s just out of the world. There is nothing like throwing ingredients together and forming the perfect equation to a perfect nuptial of flavors and textures.

You won’t believe but sometimes cooking makes you recognize your senses even better. The sound of onions and cloves crackling in oil, smell of garlic enveloping your house with an obvious aroma and the sight and taste of your masterpiece. It’s an emotion you will acknowledge only when you cook with you heart and mind. Its gives you just the better of everything according to me. And that’s why my adventures with cooking still continue.

From biryanis to kebabs, from pasta to pizza, from sandwiches to parathas, from salads to soups, from cakes and puddings to halwa, malpuas, rabdi and what not.

And I will love to continue this forvever and ever!!

I believe it’s vital to come back down to earth every once in a while, and ponder about something you love. To realize there is an immense joy in simplest of tasks and that there is no harm in beginning those small adventures around you. Its never too late to do what you love!!

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