HEALTH!! Way more than ‘Kgs & Inches’

So much has transformed over years. Our lifestyles, our choices, our interests, the way we think, handle things, take decisions, and even the way we live. Existing in 2017, we are quite modernized, social, educated, smart and acceptable. And over these years one thing, which really made its way into our minds, is ‘Health and Fitness.’ We are more mindful, more alert and far more caring towards our body than our elder generations used to be. But have we really understood the concept of being healthy? Being fit? Is it just about being thin, slim, and size zero?? About losing weight and fitting in those skinny summer dresses?? Or do we know what real health is??

In terms of body image we often think this way:

“I’m fat. I’m skinny. What’s wrong with me; I think I’m just ugly and a lazy piece of crap. I hate my body and I wish it didn’t look like that. Huh, I need to work out more. My waist size should be 28, I have no self-control. God!! I look like a hanger, I’m just made this way, not my fault. I’m doing the best I can, what else I am supposed to do???  Stop blaming me. It’s easy for you.”

Before we can even assess our situation without being judgmental, we jump to conclusions. It’s the way our minds work. Not only for us but also for others, judgment shows up, uninvited. Don’t you think this body obsession has got to stop?



Its high time people have been facing body shaming, thin shaming, fat shaming, weight shaming and what not! And all of these lead to just one notion: that our body does not fit the ideal standard, and we should feel bad about it. Even if we don’t want to. Either we think we’re ugly, or that we’re perfect, when neither is true. Or contrariwise, we become fixated with body image and fail to appreciate that we are HEALTHY.


Well, according to me, health and fitness is not a trend to follow but a real state of your mind, body and soul. When your body, mind, emotions and energies are in tune with each other and you feel wholehearted and healthy. And happiness follows. And the best way to achieve a good health and a correct balance between all your elements is exercising regularly. Be it hitting the gym, walking, running, swimming, dancing or doing yoga.

Often we oversight this idea of exercising regularly from the point of view of losing or gaining weight. But that’s not all about it. Obviously being too skinny or being overweight is not healthful, but fitness is not only about managing weight and looking good. Its about your overall strength, energy levels, concentration, focus, stress management and keeping your bodily issues in check. 

A human being is not just bones and flesh but also psychosomatic, where both mind and body mutually influences each other. And this means that being healthy is not just physical. The way we are living, how rationalized our minds are, level of activities we are going through, our approach, feelings, mental state, all these are very much a part of our wellbeing. All these factors determine how healthy we are and this is where diverse forms of exercises and a wholesome diet play their role.


If health has to come from within, we definitely have to work out, break the sweat, eat well, and let our body and mind work together creating a harmony. Devoting just about thirty minutes a day towards our happiness and wellbeing, can positively engineer our body and mind to experience the best. It won’t matter anymore how much we weigh on a scale, but how we feel and how productive and efficient and strong we are.

Weight is just a number. A plump girl can be way more active and energetic than the skinny one, or vice versa. It all depends on how we feel and how we let others feel about ourselves. Body acceptance is something we all should be comfortable with.

We all are blessed to have a beautiful and functional body and should take care of it. Our goal in life should not be the best body image but best of health.

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  1. beth says:

    Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing! I agree so much with body acceptance. I understand it takes more effort for some than others, but I really believe it should be a top priority for everybody! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RUPS says:

      Thats true!! thanks for liking the blog!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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