Celebrating Love, Celebrating Karwachauth!!


Being an Indian, festivals and traditions are a very important share of our life. And we enjoy them each moment. Every occasion has its own significance, practices and pleasure. One such amongst so many is ‘Karwachauth.’

Karwachauth is a popular fasting observance practiced by married Hindu women from ages to seek long life and wellbeing of their husbands. It is believed that those who observe this fast are blessed with life long prosperity and a healthy spouse. Well, I suppose this is something we all pray everyday from our hearts, and no particular day or time is needed to do so. You love him with your whole being every minute of every day of your entire married life. Isn’t it?? But still I love being a part of these festivals, dressing up, cooking something special, performing rituals and fasting.


And this karwachauth was really special one for both of us. Not because I am fasting for the first time, it’s officially my fourth one, but what makes it exceptional is the presence of my hubby. I missed him each year terribly during this time and everytime he promised that he would be there next time. Three years went by and finally the promise got fulfilled. Huh!! That’s what comes as a package being a marine engineer’s wife. While he is onboard you miss so many occasions where you need him or feel like being together. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, diwali, holi or karwachauth for that matter. You so want to see his face before you break your fast, but all you can do is see his picture or talk to him if you are lucky enough, in terms of signal and his busy schedules.

So precisely that is what was happening with me from last 3 karwachauths. He was on ship, sailing across blue waters, while I happily fasted and prayed for his blissful wholesome life. Of course I used to cry and feel lonely at times. While everyone used to see their husband’s face through sieves, I used to see only moon, imagine him before me and pray for him with my teary eyes. It used to be like a real emotional day for me, wondering whether he will be with me next time.

But this time I was fortunate enough to have him by my side, getting pampered and having fun all day long. Leave hunger aside, I was not even feeling thirsty, imagine how glad and content I must be feeling. I was so excited that today I would not only see the moon but his face through the sieve. That I don’t need his picture or wait for his phone call to break my fast. And I was on cloud nine. Well festivals according to me, are all about being happy and spreading happiness, isn’t it??



Marriage is a bond of love, equality, companionship and mutual respect. And this is what karwachauth is all about; celebrating your love, care, nuptial and relationship with each other. Many social activists and women’s rights advocates will woof for my blood as they find this festival gender biased, anti-woman and sexist to a great extent. In fact, it is often seen as a symbol of women’s suppression by the patriarchal society.

But being a young, modern and educated woman, I do not think that fasting for your husband or touching his feet glorifies him or emasculates you in any way possible. It is a voluntary gesture of respect and does not turns him into a god, makes him more powerful or builds a corona around him.

It is just a tradition and you are allowed to follow it or not!! Nothing is more important but your relation with each other and the bond you share. Like for me, its imperative that I am living my life with the man who loves and respects me. I happily fast on Karwachauth because I feel happy that way and that is what really matters. And yes!! I don’t think I am doing him a favor by fasting for his longevity but to myself, because his long life would be a blessing for me. To have such an amazing partner all my life!!


Thanks to my better half for keeping his promise and making this karwachauth outstandingly beautiful and dreamy for me. Love you to the moon and back!!  

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