‘MADHAI’ The Perfect Escape!!


Hello guys!! This blog of mine is about a nature escape very close to my place ‘Bhopal.’ A perfect place to relax yourself, unwind your stress and soak into natural beauty. One of my favourite!! This place is magic, which lets you pacify yourself and feel beautiful from inside out. ‘Madhai’ is located at the entrance of the most exquisite and stunning forest ranges in India, ‘Satpura.’


The place has perfect blend of raw wilderness, tranquillity and mystique. It delights you with its rich wildlife, unrelenting backwaters, rambling meadows and hypnotic views that will leave you enthralled. While we were at Madhai, we stayed at ‘Madhai Riverside Lodge’ maintained by the Madhya Pradesh Eco Tourism. Cottages offer breathtaking view of the high peaks of Satpura, its forest and the river Denwa, at the same time ensuring complete privacy. We experienced those flawless dreamy mornings here, with hot cup of tea and sprawling scenic beauty in front of us.



While you are here, you can be a part of various activities going on such as Jungle safari, night safari, boat safari, elephant rides, bird watching and village tour. Jungle safaris take you into the heart of the Satpura forest, while elephant safaris gives you a exceptional experience of a lifetime as deep inside the forest you can have a real close encounter with the wildlife. We had a chance to see leopard, while doing jungle safari. My hubby spotted him suddenly, while he was silently drinking water by a roadside pond. We were super excited to spot him. Though he started going inside the forest seeing us, we managed to click some pictures of him to cherish forever.





This place is a paradise for people who love eating fish, as locals here catch fresh fish every morning and then cook exotic dishes, which you will love to have. Since Madhai is located in the tribal forest village of Sarangpur, it provides you a unique opportunity to experience the tribal lifestyle and capture it in your cameras. If you are here just to relax, you can sit in your balcony reading a book and observing various migratory birds that flock the waters just in front of your cottage. Sunsets here are amazingly gorgeous behind the river, painting the sky red and orange. And after all the fun and exploration, you can have a campfire in the night, sit back, relax and relish scrumptious dinner under the sky, gazing stars.




I really had an incredible time at this place, in the lap of nature with the love of my life along my side.  Waking up to cool misty mornings and sounds of chirping birds. Listening to murmurs of rolling water and snuggling in the serenity of jungle. We were totally mesmerized by the splendor of this place and look forward to plan an escapade again, very soon. I came across this saying many times ‘Nature is the best therapy’ but after visiting Madhai, I can totally feel it.

DSC_1387.JPGIt’s a place where I lose my mind, find my soul and experience the utmost inner peace and love. 




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    1. RUPS says:

      Yes its a heavenly place 🙂

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