So finally 2017 is coming to an end!! It will be Christmas after 10 more days and that’s it, another gorgeous year passes by. I am sure this year must have brought so many magnificent memories, love and happiness for everyone. Also some bitter sweet experiences. Everyone must have grown a year older and a year wiser. Our planet must have been blessed with so many new lives and also waved goodbye to many. So many new technologies, trends and ideas might have emerged this year. Many of us must have fell in love, begun a new relationship, got married and had babies. Some might have found their dream job, while some might have faced the wrath of their wicked boss. Some might have travelled across the world and created wonderful travel memories, while some might have built their fancy home and stayed cozy. So that’s what an year is all about!! Doing so much of stuff and creating memoirs out of everything. Trying to make it most fertile, flourishing, joyful and stunning in every possible way.

But as per the rule it’s not always about good or being happy. Bad times follow and are an equal part of our life and another following year. 2017 must have made many people upset, depressed and forlorn. They might have had break-ups, lost their loved ones, got fired from job, got separated from the spouse, met an accident, failed an exam, got terribly sick, confronted a natural disaster and what not. But as the title of my blog says, “Carry Stories, Not Scars!!” Of course few scars remain lifetime, just like some on our skin, which reminds us of our teenage pimple days. But we don’t care about them till we breathe. Right? We eventually grow up, go for higher studies, meet people, make new friends, move ahead in life and all along this, those scars remain. But gradually they stop fretting us, as we have superior things in life to look forward to. We have new opportunities waiting and new stories to be written which make those scars fade away.

On a personal note, this year was quite a bright one for me. Not that anything extraordinary happened, but yes I have enough reasons to celebrate this year. I went for an incredible Dubai trip with my hubby and did the biggest adventure of my life, “Skydive.” I got my hair chopped and did a makeover for myself. I got a chance to celebrate some of my favorite festivals like Diwali and Karwachauth with my hubby as from past 3 years he was away sailing. I got associated with some meaningful social tasks and could contribute towards betterment of society. I enjoyed romantic rains of Kerala on my second most exotic vacation this year. Made some new friends whom I really love and care about. I ran a marathon for the first time and had an unforgettable time of my life. I started off a healthier lifestyle and pushed myself beyond my limits. I celebrated the joy of seeing my brother getting placed after his studies. Also I had the best time with my family during a short escape to Rajasthan. That trip was total fun. But along with all these golden moments, there also came a time when my family got sick. When my hubby went for sail, I was lonely and missed him badly. When suddenly few incidents happened which took a toll on my family. So it was not all shiny and sparkly for me as well. But not everything and every time was cruel. There had been blissful days and I prefer remembering them to those grey days.

There goes so much in our mind everyday. By the end of year we realize we went through so much. We realize what we actually did, experienced and reciprocated. We love some and hate some. We speak a lot but still some words might have been left unspoken. Some thoughts shared while some are stored away. Some emotions felt and shared, while some are rejected and forgotten. Castles we build and then bring down in our imaginations. Promises, anger, faith, expectations, grief, happiness, love, pain, excitement, thrill, fear, regret, all of these, arising from us and then melting away. So much happening around but even amongst all this, memories keep building and they don’t die; they stay, forever.

These memories are quite contagious and they keep transmitting themselves very quickly.  In such a case, how can we not have a concern to create good memories? Like snakes shed their skins periodically, even we human beings shed a bit of ourselves overtime. But the difference lies in the fact that we don’t entirely walk away from the skin we shed. We leave a bit of ourselves behind, with everyone we meet, and everywhere we go. So why not we carry only good remembrances with us ahead?? And let positivity surround us and the people we meet.

Lets end this year on a cheerful note, forget all our negatives and retain only the good and positive. After all it’s not just the end of a year, but also the beginning of a fresh budding year. A year, which is now arriving with all its pages blank and it’s on us what we inscribe on them. Whether we begin it boogying to all the happiness we have gathered this year or sniffling onto what we lost!! What is lost will never come back, but we want can be created now. So ditch all your bygones and look forward to another year of glory. This time with a bigger, and brighter smile, which vents just one feeling “Welcome 2018.”

And yes!! As I write this post and count my positives, I am really feeling blessed that this is the 50th post on my blog. It’s been almost two years and I am glad for all the love, support and encouragement you all have showered on me. I look forward to keep writing more meaningful the coming year and making it even better and happier one!! Love you all 🙂

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