My Passion for Food!!

Hey friends!! How are you all? I am back on my blog after a long long time for which I am extremely sorry. But there is some really overwhelming update to share with you all. Infact not just an update, but an experience, which changed things drastically for me.

It all started on Nov 1, 2017 when I first joined crossfit. I was putting on weight being a big time foodie, which was also affecting my energy levels and overall fitness. My husband went off for his sailing adventures, and I decided to hit the crossfit and gain back my energy and strength. I began exercising and slowly started noticing changes within myself. But I knew physical exercise wasn’t enough. My body needed diet changes, a more balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. From very beginning, being a die-hard food lover, I loved experimenting with food and creating something new and exotic. So continuing with my passion for food, I decided to cook myself everything healthful. Right from my breakfast to lunch to dinner, I tried every meal I consume is healthy and wholesome.

I created various new recipes, which helped me intake things I hated, but are extremely nourishing. Beetroots, spinach, cabbage, oats, egg whites, carrots, green peas, tomatoes, sprouts, bell peppers, capsicums, beans, cottage cheese, curd, yoghurt, fruits, muesli, walnuts, raisins, almonds. From fruits to veggies to dry fruits, everything healthy I came across, I included in my recipes. And I could really feel my stamina rising, strength increasing and fitness level much higher than earlier. Everyone appreciated my fitness transformation, which further motivated me to eat healthier and better.

Besides being a foodie, also being a social media addict helped me here. I used to click snaps of all my food makings and upload them on Facebook and Instagram. Well, at that time it never clicked me that this will take me to places. It was just a routine for me to cook, click and upload. But soon admirations started pouring in. I invited my friends over for a healthy brunch and they all loved my food.



I felt delighted with all the compliments but never knew something bigger awaited me. One fine day I got a call from one of my close friend that there is going to be a food festival in my city and they want me to put up a healthy eating stall. I was both elated and excited. This opportunity was something I never thought of. My routine pictures would do wonders for me, I didn’t know.


I started off with preparations in full swing for food festival and finally the day came, 26th Jan 2018. I was bit nervous, I confess in the beginning, as I wasn’t sure whether people will really like the concept of healthy food and the taste of it. Plus I haven’t managed anything this big ever. But everyone in my family and friends supported me to maximum. Still, I was oblivious of what was in store for me. Nothing but endless appreciations, compliments, love and motivation. People loved my food and my recipes. They were so thrilled and overjoyed to find something so distinctive in taste and nutritional value right in the middle of their city. There were amazed to indulge into “Beetroot Dosas, Spinach Idlis, Cabbage Rolls, Super Smoothies, Fruit Parfaits and Carrot Cutlets” amongst the regular noodles, fried rice, burgers, pizzas and milkshakes. Those three days were the best days of my life, wherein people could relate to me and my food. And I was so happy to familiarize this little concept of mine to everyone in the city.


Well, this opportunity and passion of mine has gotten so much of contentment, glory and inspiration for my healthy food and me. Now I have started my own venture in the name of “Healthy Eating by Rupal” where people get to choose from a range of healthy food and I get a chance to transform them into fitter stronger individuals. These three days inspired me to take a larger step towards my dream and I am sure very soon I will be coming up with a personal eating-place of my own, where I would love to serve people mouth smacking hot and healthy food.


So here’s what kept me so busy all these month, but I am glad to have such a blissful experience to share with you all. I can’t believe life can take such lovely turns unexpectedly. I have come places in these three months and I look forward to go miles. What seems to be ordinary or boring or routine for you might be really attractive for someone else. You never know what’s in store for you unless you get to it.

I have always believed in one thing and will continue to do so, accept what comes your way. Pursue your passions, no matter how small or big they are. If you are honest towards them, they will take you places for sure. 



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  1. arv! says:

    happy to hear that you are fitter now and helping others to stay fit. All the best!


    1. RUPS says:

      Thanks a lot dear!!


      1. arv! says:



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