It’s Southampton Again!!


I am here again after 3 long years. I was here in 2015 last time, just after my marriage. All those memories kept coming to me all through my flight. I was so excited to see Southampton again. We are going there for my husband’s exam, which makes him, tensed and worry, but right now I am one enormously happy woman on earth. Sounds great!! What else I need being a travel lover 🙂

Well let me first be clear about the place I am visiting. It’s Southampton in United Kingdom, 81 miles down south from London. To sound more interesting, this is the place from where Titanic started her journey. Yes!! And even now many large and most luxurious cruise ships sail from here. It’s a busy port. And quite popular too!!


As soon as I landed here, the sight and smell of Southampton made me really nostalgic. I love almost everything about this city. The city is not a huge one but certainly very picturesque and fascinating. Well, to be honest, my travel love makes me fall for almost every other place I visit. With its culture, its people, its heritage, its architecture and so many other things it has to offer. I believe every city; no matter how big or small it is, has its own story to tell and experiences to share. Sometimes the city might seem to be hasty, noisy and impenetrable. But when you break it down, the real character shines through. Few cities are full of hustle bustle, glamour and glory, they are bold and sexy. While some are quiet, unexplored, simple and shy. Well, I love both of them for sure!!

Southampton is more of a quiet city, but a traveller’s paradise for sure. Roads from Southampton can take you anywhere you want; oceans, mountains, lakes, snow, just anywhere! Its a perfect and an incredible place if you’re a 21stcentury traveller nomad and you’ve got that traveller’s bug, itchy feet and jet-setting ambitions inside you.


Last time when I came to Southampton, I stayed back for 4 months, which kind of developed a unique bond between this beautiful city of Hampshire and me. Obviously things have changed over years. With the continuous inflow of immigrants around the world, this city is rapidly changing identity, getting influenced by various inhabitants and their culture. You can feel the creativity buzzing in air as communities across the globe create an atmosphere unlike any other. It’s like a story that’s constantly evolving. But yes you can totally hate the super unpredictable weather here, which can be a trouble at times.




What I adore most about this city is its scenic landscape and those vast green parks right in the heart of city. The best part of my everyday routine here are those dreamy long walks, with wind in my hair. Where I keep walking and admire my surroundings, nature, people, architecture, weather and everything. Where I can just lie down in the grass, staring at the sky and listen to my favorite music. I totally get lost and so much goes in my mind then. This park is like a birthplace for so much of my creativity and actions at times. And I feel so good about it. It’s all about me here and I love that.


I feel so strongly about the warmth this city and its people have given me and are still pouring in. No matter we are total strangers, but at times I have exchanged smiles and greetings and it made me feel good. Never for once I felt like an outsider here, which really counts.

And which really is the reason I love this place. I feel safe and I feel home.




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