Traveldiaries: BOURNEMOUTH “My Most Beautiful City by The Sea”

Long weekend means loads of time, travel, fun and happiness. Isn’t it?? And it turns out to be just wonderful, if such weekends are accompanied by splendid sun in the sky. Last weekend was exactly the one like this and we set out to soak in some nature. We planned a trip to Bournemouth. It’s a large coastal resort town located on the south coast of England, approximately 30 minutes from Southampton. Being an ardent beach lover, I feel they are an impeccable place to spend your lazy weekends, lying by the ocean and doing nothing.

In the map!!

Bournemouth is one such place. Burrowed beneath a marvelous cliff line with seven miles of sparkling sand, you can’t blame people for thinking nothing but fish’n’chips, deckchairs, sunbath, blue waters and sandy picnics. The bay enjoys its own microclimate, with warm water temperatures stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Purbecks. This place is perfect for a short holiday and yes!! We reached Bournemouth for a gorgeous weekend.

As soon as you enter the beach area, first thing you will notice is this long, amazing and happening ‘Bournemouth Pier.’It’s a perfect location to click for a wonderful memory of your stay in Bournemouth. On a sunny day you will have blue skies in the background and the beautiful beach. At the pier entrance you’ll find a large arcade with latest games, number of shops selling everything from ice-cream to sun hats, parasols and lots more. Above the arcade is Aruba bar and restaurant. On the pier you will find the Rock Reef activity center, Pier Zip wire and Key West Restaurant.

However if nothing of these appeals and you long for a more peaceful time, head over to the picturesque beach. Take a walk along the coastline, sit back and read a book, take a sunbath, play a sport, build sand castles, take a skinny dip into waters, go for a jet ski, swim in the ocean, or just relax under the sun. This glittering beach will make you fall for it and all you want will be to stay here forever. We both sat there, sand tickling our feet, wind in our hair, gazing at the horizon, across blue waters. Falling in love with each other, every moment.

It was so serene that we almost lost track of time. Our hunger pangs made us aware that its lunch time, for which we headed to one of my hubby’s favorite seafood restaurant, ‘The Crab at Bournemouth.’ Well, if you come to a coastal town, indulging in some juicy seafood is must. Reason being its fresher, yummier and you get more varieties. My husband ordered a ‘Whole Crab with Garlic Butter’and ‘Spicy Mussels with Fat Cut Chips’. Crab is their forte, so while you are in Bournemouth and you love seafood, just head on to this super amazing place to satisfy your taste buds!! Well me being a vegetarian, had to stick to salad as that’s the only thing available here for me. Anyways I had my plans for dinner.

The Crab at Bournemouth

After lunch we decided to take a ride on ‘Bournemouth’s Big Wheel’, which is more than 100 feet tall, located at Bournemouth Pier. It offers stunning, panoramic views of Bournemouth. During daytime or take a ride as the sun is about to set, the wheel is the best way to admire this award-winning resort in all its glory. Then we decided to take a walk towards Boscombe Pier and explore the other side.


On the way to Boscombe Pier, there is another beautiful beach, known as, ‘East Cliff Beach.’ It’s one of the most popular beach in Bournemouth, which can be accessed either from the Bournemouth Pier or via the ‘East Cliff Zig Zag.’There also runs a scenic cliff lift in the summer and takes you to the top, from where you can see some breathtaking views.  East Cliff beach has many facilities, including numerous vibrant beach huts, turning the beach more lively and attractive. We spent some time here, eating an ice cream and clicking few snaps.


Finally we reached Boscombe Pier, which was much less crowded compared to Bournemouth Pier. It was quiet and peaceful here, people walking along hand in hand, some of them fishing at the end of pier and some absorbing those incredible views. Kids love this pier, as you will discover several beautiful musical instruments lining the route. These instruments are hand crafted and made especially for the pier. A new addition to this pier is a fish-friendly mini golf, where the ball is made of fish food. So no worries if your ball drops into the ocean. Boscombe Beach was also much peaceful.


View from the Boscombe Pier

Very close to this pier are pretty ‘Boscombe Chine’ gardens, offering flower beds, large grassy areas for recreation, mini golf and a water-themed playground. A variety of trees grow on the banks of the chine and the garden provides habitats for a range of wildlife.  There is a wildlife quiz trail along the pathway all about the plants and animals found in the gardens.

We wandered for some time in this exquisite garden and then made an exit towards our stay as the day was coming to an end. We were all smiles and just couldn’t wait to spend another gorgeous day here.


I can’t describe all my feelings for this place, but yes, Bournemouth is my ‘Most Beautiful City By The Sea.’


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    looks like lots of fun!

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    1. RUPS says:

      Yeah its a lovely place!!


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