Take Me Back!!


I came out for a walk, as weather was kind after three long days. Clouds were clear and the sun was shining bright in the sky. It was dull and gloomy from past three days, but today it was all sprightly around. I started walking and after sometime I sat in front of a kid’s park. It was full of jolly, naughty kids, busy in making most of this sunny weather, jumping, climbing, swinging and what not. I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to be a child again. To be as carefree, cheerful, bare and innocent, as these kids are.

My childhood days came rushing, where my world revolved only around my parents and a younger brother. There were no flashy i-pads or mobiles and what used to make us most happy are those frolicsome evenings in the street or verandas of our home, mom making us our favorite snacks and dad bringing us chocolates while returning from office. How selfless and untroubled those days were!! No pressures, no stress, no compulsions, no duties. Everything was taken care of and we were shielded in the best way possible.

Years passed by, our surroundings transformed, people transformed and all along the way, I transformed myself. But somewhere my heart aches to be child again. I want to go back to those priceless days when:

  • I used to wake up to my mom’s voice and touch, rather than an alarm clock.
  • Decisions were made by “Eenie Meenie Miney Mo.”
  • I threw up all possible tantrums to get my favorite food, without worrying about cooking.
  • Never worried about my clothes, uniform, shoes or bags.
  • It wasn’t odd to have one or two best friends.
  • Playing barefoot with your friend on a hot afternoon was the best part of summer vacations.
  • Ice creams and toys were a privilege.
  • Nobody was prettier than our mom.
  • Me and my brother fought everyday but couldn’t live a day without each other.
  • Smell of new books filled us with immense joy and excitement.
  • Siblings were best friends.
  • Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.
  • Ducktales, Mogli and Talespin were my favorites.
  • Birthdays were celebrated at home, decorating balloons, playing games and gobbling mom made delicacies.
  • Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles.
  • Dad used to feed us when sick, while mom stayed up all night.
  • We were forced to take afternoon naps.
  • We used to wait impatiently for dad coming back from a office trip.
  • Mom dad used to pick us up whenever we fell or hurt ourselves.
  • New clothes were meant for festivals and birthdays and we would just wait to go shopping.
  • Ice lollies were valuable than pizzas.
  • Skipping school for illness wasn’t a huge issue.
  • No lists were needed.
  • Sundays were all about cozying up in home.
  • No lies and plans and strategies were a part of life.

Well, all these days are gone and I am a grown up now. An adult with responsibilities at every step of life. I am obviously happy from where I stand today, being highly educated, married to the best man in the world, travelling to my heart’s content and living life to the fullest.  But the truth is, what I am now is absolutely different or you might say contradictory to my childhood.

I have to be more manipulative and planned now, mom dad are no more available each moment to shelter me, I have to befriend every person around me, birthdays are all about dinner and drinks and parties, new outfits arrive every other week to meet up my social standards, hide n seek has been replaced by subway surfer and temple run, and the list is endless.

Careers, loans, rent, bills, cars, friends, family, amongst all of these, I occasionally feel I have lost myself. I deal with just everything everyday, confronting this cruel and ruthless world every moment, but I so crave to go back to that nontoxic, protected and innocent world. Where existed nothing, but true love.

I crave for that one chance to go back just once, that one chance where I can ask someone to “Take Me Back, To the Purest of Days and Purest of Nights.”











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