The Real Language of Love


According to a famous saying, ‘Love comes in all shapes and sizes.’ Isn’t that true? No love happens by analyzing, choosing or desiring it our way. It just happens. Similarly the feeling of being in love, or the love we have for each other doesn’t come bundled in those clichéd three words ‘I Love You.’ It endures in every look, every touch, and every little gesture that we do for each other.

I believe little things in life aren’t really little. They create our lives, add on to our memories and become the cornerstone of our life, love and relations. We mistakenly believe that only huge makes an overpowering difference, but these little things are real artists and gradually paint the masterpiece of our beautiful life. Be mindful of these smaller details. They take you towards the life you love, create possibilities that once were once invisible, and do things that were once impossible.

We all love going out on dates, dinners and exchanging gifts, but what we forget at times is, that, this is not the real essence of love.  The most meaningful things cannot be boxed and neatly wrapped. The real love lies in those countless actions that are actually trivial but communicate most. They are the real fuel for our everlasting love and healthy relationship.

“I feel so much in love when at times I return to my room and find the bed magically made. The actual action of making the bed probably takes less than a minute, but the fact he did it, is enough to melt my heart right then and there. Often my phone battery will get discharged and I would not notice it, but he makes sure to plug in my charger, so that I don’t discover a draining battery, only when I want to do something important. On Sundays he would just wake up before me, fix us some breakfast and coffee, and then wake me up. Not that he fixes me a three-course breakfast, but he makes sure I get my rest on Sundays. He would just cuddle me to fade away any of my worries and anxieties. He would first ask, how was my day, as soon as he returns from work, listen to all my useful and useless talks at times, help me cook and doing dishes in the kitchen, just hold my hand while crossing a street, appreciates all my efforts, share his happiness, secrets, doubts and worries, puts me first before everything, remembers every slight details about me and things I love, hang out with my friends and family, supports me, compliments me, accept my flaws, encourages me to follow my passions and never let me give up.  Isn’t that something you do only when you are in love with a person truly, madly and deeply? All this doesn’t let me forget even for a moment how blessed I am.”

Often we underestimate the power of a soft touch, a warm smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the slightest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. What we want or expect most of the times are those three words, declared in the loudest way possible. But remember, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ Love is being poured on us every moment, best communicated in everyday expressions of affection. In those long bear hugs, sweet pecks, earnest smiles, sparkling eyes, listening ears and holding hands.

It might feel good and special to receive expensive jewelry or tickets to a sold-out event, but if we rely only on these materialistic gestures to speak our love, we might miss the point. Love is not always about diamonds, dinners and daisies. It’s all about being sensitive, compassionate, gentle, loyal and loving. It’s all about placing someone’s comfort in front of your own, valuing someone’s smile more than yours, respecting his/her emotions, spending quality time, celebrating each other’s success and confronting each others downfall. Basically, by just being there for each other. Flowers might deliver your feelings, but these unspoken expressions of love last long, even after the flowers have wilted. These are some of the most powerful ways we can build and nurture our relationships. This is the real language of love.

For us, just thinking about one another and making the other’s day bit easier can say “I love you” even better than the actual words. It’s these million tiny little things that, when we add up, means the world to us.








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