Inverness Day 1: Photoblog

Welcome to beautiful city of Inverness, Scotland!!

Cruising through beautiful highlands and making way to Inverness. All along the way to Inverness you will find picturesque landscapes, tall conical tress and bright pink flowers known as “Bell Heathers.”

This place is the centre or heart of the Inverness, known as ‘High Street’


The famous “Falcon Square.”


And this lovely “Ness bridge” build over River Ness


Spectacular views from Ness bridge.



You can walk along the river ness, which is a very quiet and beautiful pathway, leading to Ness Islands as well.


On the way stopping at famous Scottish shop “Highland House of Fraser”


The famous “Loch Ness” Monster this river is famous for. Well, I didn’t find any. But enjoyed walking along pebble shore and “Greig Street Bridge.”


And just on the opposite side of river, you have this beautiful “Inverness Cathedral.”


On the banks of River Ness, is this famous “Inverness Castle.” You can follow the castle steps for some breathtaking views of city, church and river ness.

Inverness Castle


Beautiful views from the castle


As the day ends, some posing is fun!!


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