Higher Education, Higher Life


Why do we need education in our lives? Why everyone is running behind elite colleges and universities, spending half of their lives engrossed in books, assignments and exams? For degree? For job? For marriage? For money? For luxuries? Actually all of them. But one thing we almost always ignore is that education provides us much more than money, position and power. It provides us a vision, a goal, an understanding and an inner confidence.

There is absolutely no need to mention that education is fundamental for creating equality and eliminating barriers and discernment on the basis of race, gender and economic status. Throughout history, every society has dealt with how to best prepare its people for the world they will face and humans have adapted education in various forms to encounter various challenges of time. More educated you are, more are your chances to survive better in this transforming world. And here emerges the need of “Higher Education.”

I met people in my life who thinks why do we need higher education when we can already earn. When we have a family business or when I have influential people around!! For them it’s a just a degree they don’t want to waste their time on. Who needs a master’s degree when I can earn enough to live from my bachelor’s degree? But is this the reality? Definitely not. You might earn just enough but your knowledge remains restricted and so do your goals and dreams and perceptions in life.  Higher education is a principal point of knowledge and its application, contributing immensely towards growth and development. It is certainly a way to improve the quality of life and one of the key drivers of growth, performance, prosperity and competitiveness.

Many a times I have seen people or families discriminating between how far a girl and boy should be educated. And it’s because they think he is the bread earner of the family, for which he needs to study hard, get into a good college and then settle down with an impressive job. While they think a girl has to marry and look after families, for which higher education is not needed at all. But this is where it all gets wrong. Higher education makes you more aware of what you’re actually capable of. Your strengths, your weakness, your capabilities, your passion and your dreams. This enables you to improve your own life, as well as contribute to the world as a whole. When you spend years learning and building yourself, you tend to feel more content and happier as you lead an educated and disciplined life.

A well-educated woman not only understands families, relationships and responsibilities better, but also leaves no stones unturned to fulfill them. They can obviously raise better families, inculcating right values and ethics. They have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong, which is very essential, not only for her, but for her surroundings as well. Higher education empowers women. It helps turn her weakness into strength and gives her the confidence to stand against all odds. She is full of knowledge, poise and determination. She is not afraid of little hurdles in life and doesn’t always need a support beside her. She is independent. She is smart. She is brainy.

And I believe same is for men. Higher education help him build skills and foster traits that are imperative throughout life, such as meticulousness, perseverance, a sense of personal control, flexibility, capacity for negotiation, ability to form relationships and establish social networks. These proficiencies help you face all of life’s challenges, right from your work to family life.

Fortunately, more and more people are now realizing how significant higher education is for us. The main purpose of mine today to write this blog is, “Don’t relate higher education only to career advancement, or finding jobs or earning money. Be proud of yourself if you are well educated, even if not well paid.” Don’t judge anyone and their potentials only by the position they hold or the money they earn. Don’t judge if he drives a scooter and not a car. Don’t judge if he is an artist and not a doctor or engineer. Don’t judge if she stays at home and not goes out to earn money.  Don’t judge if she speaks in hindi and dress simple. They all are extremely educated, smart, confident individuals, their head full of knowledge. Their intellectual, philosophy and perspectives in life can be at par or may be much better than person earning more but certainly little knowledge. Remember, a higher education doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a very luxurious and easy life, but certainly a brighter, smarter and wiser mind.

It has indeed been truly said that “the value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred” and it is knowledge, through education, that stirs one’s soul. 

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