Life Lessons from Mountains


Travelling not only takes you to a destination and but teaches a lot all throughout your journey. Depends on what you see and how you perceive it. For some it just might be a tour and vacation and fun, but for me it is an experience that comes handy in life. Recently I went on a trip to mountains in Leh Ladakh and it left a huge impact on me. Those picturesque mountains gave me enormous knowledge, wisdom and life lessons that no book ever could. And those lessons have played a role bigger than those four walls of my classroom in shaping who I am today. Some of them are:


Dangerous roads, extreme climate, steep cliffs and forbidding peaks are just some of the few dangers that we stand exposed to when in the mountains. Thinking of them, you might let your fear grow, but, once you overcome those fears inside you and take the most dangerous roads to stand at the peak of a mountain, there’s nothing as exciting as that moment. It might seem to be hard at first, but, fasten your laces and pull up your socks. In the end, it will be more than what you thought you signed up for.


Because whosoever said, “I can’t” has never been able to climb that peak. Be positive; keep telling yourself something incredible is just around the corner and that it’s going to be worth it. For me being optimistic is half the battle won!


There are times when we get frustrated and depressed and blame life for everything. We take everything around us for granted. Small things bother us and we just don’t value life. But while ascending those mighty mountains where even a teeniest mistake would leave you begging for life, you realize how priceless the life is.


While looking at those giant and massive snow covered mountains, I understood how tiny we are. We as humans think we triumphed over everything and have everything in our control. But on the contrary we owe everything to nature. We are at its mercy. The universe that surrounds us is vast, and it speaks to us in silence. The mountains show us how small, how insignificant we are as humans.


Stand stable, poised and majestic like a mountain. Regardless of various situations life will bring you, remain sturdy like the mountains do, when faced with avalanches, rain storms, and water erosion. Your emotional system should be tough like a rooted mountain, immune to the actions and reactions of others.


It can be the most satiating sound to hear sometimes. And it’s in absolute silence that you hear the contemplations of your beautiful mind and heart. You can hear animals or a stream trickling by. You can hear and feel the wind rush across your face. In those moments I feel more connected with life and appreciate nature around me. It’s beautiful, it’s magnificent, and most of all it’s very healing.


Be it a beautiful orange sunrise, a steaming cup of tea, a night under the starry sky or a quiet moment by the river?? Mountains teach you to be grateful for everything in life, big or small. The best things in life do not always come at a cost. They are free and they are beautiful. They make you feel liberated and whole, more than any expensive thing you bought so far.


From the moment we came into existence we are constantly changing our form, inside and out. Don’t resist change. We gain wisdom; knowledge and some of the most beautiful changes occur as we grow older and transform ourselves. Appreciate each phase of your life before you transform to a new cycle. It’s necessary to shed your own skin and personality to allow an amended and better version of us to emerge.


The relationship journey is full of valleys and hikes, crawling and running, tumbling and getting up. You feel deeper for the tough times you get through, understanding each other better and respecting each other’s panache. While on trip, at times I have to tell him to be slow or stop for a moment, while sometimes I would get off the bike and ask him to cross a rough patch safe and smooth. That doesn’t mean I am a liability or that he cannot move forward without me. No matter how coordinated you are as life partners, sometimes you have to move ahead without the accountability of other. But that doesn’t mean there exist no love. It simply means you both know what’s best for both of you.


Though life in mountains is challenging, everybody around you will try to make it easy for you. Ready to help and ever smiling faces, people here are blessed with purest of souls. Such, humanity warms your heart on the coldest of evenings. Kindness is a lesson; mountains never forget to teach us.


Stop chasing. Life is not a race and you don’t face punishment for being yourself. There were times in our trip when we used to reach our destination at last, but that doesn’t matter. What is important is that you enjoy your journey, savor little moments, make it special and reach your destination safe and sound. The idea of comparing yourselves to others is ridiculous. We must compare our growth to who we were yesterday and not to the growth of another human being. Everyone is exceptionally unique.


This trip taught me a lot about team strength. We gained power as a team, and became more unified, by helping each other out. When someone helped me with a small thing, I felt more motivated to help him or her the next time they need a hand. This became a positive feedback loop, where everyone is looking out, helping each other in every possible way. And believe me roughest of journeys can be completed when you work together as a team.


Our guides during the entire trip were extremely supportive, jovial and humble. I must say people from mountains work hard, and value their families. They climb dangerous mountains often and help tourists like us experience the exquisiteness of their place. They protect us, help us rise when we fall or feel demotivated, fix our problems, take care of our needs and make us reach our destinations that otherwise would be impossible. Make sure you thank them enough for everything. And make them feel good often.

Be it a demanding expedition or difficulties in life: Both can be dealt with patience, perfect skills and, of course, some luck. The ones above are just handful of lessons mountains have taught me and brought me to life’s biggest realizations.

Share with us what impact mountains have had on you and your life. And, in case you have missed all these lessons, book your next class with mountains soon.


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  1. arv! says:

    Indeed, travel is a great teacher!


    1. RUPS says:

      Yes, always!!


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