Cooking Is My Cup of Tea


Having an appropriate survival gear is the key to preserving your life and your loved ones. Whether you’re trekking forest trails, stranded on the highway, or stuck at home without electricity, you should know the skill to survive. I have often heard people saying “Cooking is not my cup of tea” or “I can’t cook, I have never stepped in the kitchen.” They might feel some kind of proud while saying this, but in reality, this is nothing to be proud of. This proves that either you are living an ignorant life or you are too silly to understand the importance of cooking. Because cooking is not just an ordinary skill, but a life saving skill that everyone should know, be it a girl or a boy.

Knowing how to cook, in my opinion, is one of the vital skills you learn in the process of adulting. Lots of people do not cook for a variety of reasons, but no reason is ever valid for not knowing how to cook. Cooking is not something you do just to to fill your stomach or feed your family, but it’s a way of transformation, pouring love and being healthy. It’s therapeutic, healing and satisfying. You need not be a master chef in order to cook. All you need is some time, some interest, some basic knowledge and lots of love. Because secret ingredient to any good recipe is always ‘Love.’

I was never an excellent cook or say too much interested in cooking, but situations came and I started preparing meals for myself. My mother is an excellent cook and she helped me to learn from scratch. Slowly I started experimenting, picking my own ingredients, and trying news recipes. Not that I always succeeded but I didn’t quit. And gradually, I realised cooking not only helped me with my physical health but also the mental health. Today in my post, let me tell you the various advantages of cooking, that I felt and that helped me being a happier person.

Excellent Stress Buster:Cooking definitely helps you get rid of the pressure or the stress built up inside you. It will help clear your head and come out revitalized. When you cook, you get your hands dirty, do something more physical, think of various combinations, add some creativity and feel excited for your efforts. All this really helps you break down the routine of your day and kick out your mental exhaustion. And at the end when you get to see and taste and feel what you made, believe me you feel much more serene and relaxed.

Makes you cheerful: Studies have shown that cooking can really be a therapeutic. The reason being, when you cook, you stimulate your senses. The feel of the new flour you bought at the market, the smell of fresh strawberries and mangoes and spices, the sound of the beating and grinding, the fresh colors of carrots and papayas and tomatoes, each of these stimulate your senses, which releases more of endorphins, the feel good hormones, and make you more cheerful. Also, cooking makes you focus on the present moment, on your ingredients, on your food and you cannot ponder over your problems. You have to leave them aside. This really helps you to be emotionally stable and as a result, happier.

Boosts your confidence:Every time you finish cooking something new, you will get your rush of confidence. A simple preparation can lift your self-esteem and build up your confidence to try new things in life. After all, with a little effort, you can do things you were not good at.

Brings family together:Regardless of how close your family is, cooking is a fantastic way to get the whole family in one place and enjoy a delightful meal. Good food is a fantastic way to inspire people to get together and socialize. While cooking a local dish you can uncover different flavors and give your family a chance to experience different tastes. All in all, cooking can bring your family together while at the same time, makes sure that everyone eats a healthy and nutritious meal.

Increases love and bonding:Cooking together definitely benefits your relation. It can build a stronger connection between both the partners. You spend more time together; know each other’s choices and tastes and also encourages communication and cooperation. And not to mention some serious kitchen romance can come into action. Well, cooking in my opinion is a key ingredient for the recipe of a healthy relationship.

Healthy meals anytime: I am sure each of us agrees with the fact that healthy diet plays a key role in maintaining your body weight, being physically and mentally active and disease free. However, eating out frequently or surviving on ready meals, takes you in an opposite direction. By cooking your own meals, you know exactly what’s going into your cooking and can be assured that you’re eating nourishing and a wholesome meal.

Messing is fun: Yes you read that right!! If you purchase ingredients that you’re not familiar with, you can cook up a dish that you’ve never made before and have lots of fun while doing so.  Cooking is more of an art. With new ingredients, you can explore new areas of cooking and create a masterpiece. It can get bit messy in the beginning; you might get confused with quantities, and feel skeptical about the taste, but in the end I assure you will have loads of fun.

Makes you more creative:Once you start enjoying cooking, you start exploring more and more. New ideas spring into your mind, new recipes, new changes, and new combinations. Kitchen becomes your experimenting lab and brings out the best in you. Eventually, you’ll be making dishes that have specific tastes and only you know what goes in there. This will without a doubt keep your family and friends coming back for more.

Choosing the best: When you cook with all your heart, you want the best to come out and for that you need bestest of ingredients. This will motivate you to visit the local market or farmers market to stock up on your favorite spices, fresh veggies and fresh fruits. I personally love to go and buy directly from local market, farmers and producers. I have the liberty of choosing my ingredients with maximum freshness and nutrients. Also you get to know more about seasonal stuff, varieties of fruits and veggies and what’s best for you.

Socialize a little more:Trips to local markets or farms, also helps to interact with other people who love cooking. We get to know some important tips, new recipes, local cuisines etc. Such markets and places are often full of information, which we might be looking for. And trust me personal interactions are always better than google.

Become more popular: Being able to cook passionately is certainly very impressive, especially if it isn’t your mainstream career and it’s something you do on the side, either for fun or to expand your skillset. You might not believe it, but your cooking skill instantly makes you more desirable and attractive to people (Try it!!)

Be your own boss: If you really love cooking, you could even do wonders for yourself. You can open your own little place, serving your creative delicacies in your own way. You will feel more accomplished as well as you can let your creativity speak.

It’s cheaper and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket: Eating out is always tempting but remember, you pay more for a non-healthy meal. On the other hand, when you’re at home cooking, all you have to consider is the price of your ingredients and get yourself a healthy hearty meal. In just half of the price of what you pay at a fine dining, you can cook a gourmet meal. And guess what!! You always have the liberty to eat as much as you want.

Now that you know all the benefits of cooking, there is practically no reason for you not to get more interested in cooking. Its a skill worth learning, can be fun and makes you more special and lovable at the same time.

There is a famous saying that says, “Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, this is true not only for your man, but good food is a way to everyone’s heart. And as far as my man is concerned, he can neither resist me, nor my food!! 😛


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