I woke up early today and even after many twists and turns and hopeless efforts of falling asleep again, I couldn’t sleep anymore. Huh!! Now since I was wide-awake and it was just 5.45 AM, I thought of going out for a walk. Not really my thing, but no harm in trying out something different than routine. I quickly brushed, changed, grabbed my earphones and went out for an unusual and not-so-welcome morning walk. In reality, I was loathing to be waking up and walking so early, but as soon as I stepped out, it all turned unexpectedly beautiful for me. Flowers were blooming, cool wind was blowing, it was cloudy, not so bright, and birds were chirping and singing. There was a hidden music and love all around. I started walking, breathing in more of this pure air full of love, listening to all humming around, feeling the soft, cold and soothing wind on my skin. Not for a moment I felt like putting my earphones on. I was already feeling so fresh and happy and rejuvenated. If asked, there’s nothing big or materialistic or happening around to make me feel so ecstatic, but if felt from heart, there is everything to be happy and feel blessed about. There is life all around.


I’m always surprised and a little disheartened when people tell me they’re looking forward for a particular day to celebrate. Why??? Why we decide dates and events and places to celebrate, to enjoy, to laugh, to dance? Why we restrict ourselves to timelines? Why we tie ourselves to occasions? Why can’t a normal day or a routine day be celebrated? Well, celebrations and contentment according to me is, not just about a day or an incident, its all about how you feel. Every-day, life is a celebration for those, who know how to live life and make most out of it.

Imagine making a list of people and things you love. I’m sure that list would be extremely long. And how about making a list of things or people you dislike. Nowadays, I feel like this list could almost outweigh the things we love. Isn’t it? There is absolutely no balance. However, on the other hand, life, I feel is all about balance. The only wrong we do is, we so easily see the negatives, and ignore all positives balancing our lives. A bad day at work might be balanced by a delicious lunch packed by your wifey. A tiresome and annoying journey brings you back to a tight hug by your little one. An argument with your spouse just vanishes away by a silly smile in between. A bad weather outside may buy you a steaming cup of coffee, warm cookies and lots of cozying up. All your savings spent might get you a house of your dreams or a beautiful vacation you have been longing for. A sick leave might make your boss go all red but will fetch you so much pampering, rest, home made food and oodles of love. In short, there is always something to be happy about, to be excited about and that needs to be celebrated. It all depends on your perspective towards life. Whether you pay attention to little details, and positives and happiness around, or it’s all about negatives for you.

It’s much easier to find things we don’t like rather than the things we like or love. And it’s all because we live in a cynical world, where everyone is different and so is their philosophy of life. Don’t compare and judge. Happiness flourishes into your life at different levels, be it big or small. Start recognising them. Evaluate yourself. What you really love? What’s your idea of celebrating? What’s happiness to you?? Your idea of celebration and joy might not be same as others, but this is what you want.

I went to Disneyland recently and saw this badge saying “I’m Celebrating____??” None of my birthdays or anniversaries fell on that day, but that doesn’t make it less special. I still took that badge and when the lady on counter asked me what are you celebrating, what shall I write here, I said “LIFE.” She was surprised and said she loved my spirit. She wrote “I’m Celebrating Life” and for me it’s not just a badge but something, I believe in.


Life is short but full of surprises; learn to celebrate each of them, no matter how tiny or innumerable they are. Celebrate every breath you take, every meal you eat, every rain you feel, every touch you love, every colour you see, every sound you hear and everyday you live. The sooner you practice celebrating life, the sooner life will celebrate you.

The goal is to create a habit of celebrating life, everyday, every moment. Not to wait for the right one.

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