Hello people!!

I am supposed to write this blog an year ago, when I turned 30, but I guess it took me all this time to come in terms with the fact that ‘I AM THIRTY.’ 20s are over, 30s are here and soon it will be 40s and 50s and 60s. Gosh!! I am so hastily moving towards growing old. Looks like time is flying. Well, sometimes it’s bit hard to come in terms with the fact that so much changed, within me and around me. So many transformations took place. So many developments materialized, while I was just busy in my own world. While I was busy growing and rising. While I was busy in making me what I am today. Good or bad, success or failure, rich or poor, happy or depressed, whatever I am today is what I have done and achieved in these last thirty years of my life. It’s not just my birthday I celebrated when I turned thirty, it’s like I celebrated the best in my life. I celebrated a phase of my life, which was imperative in giving me an identity, in giving me a name, in giving me an outlook.

I have often seen people trying hard to hide their real age. For them, turning an year older seems to be like letting go of all good things in life. Turning 30 itself is like a nightmare for many of us. The only thing that comes to my mind when I come across someone like this is ‘WHY’???Why do we have to be grumpy about turning old, or about turning 30? The period we left behind was definitely a good time in our life, but the best is yet to come. There is so much life has to offer. There is so much to see, so much to explore and so much to achieve.

Looking down the memory lane, we often feel upset about growing old and want to return back to our childhood days. Our school and college days, carefree days, when there was nothing to worry about. Zero responsibilities, zero complications and zero stress. Our parents and family sheltered us. We lived in a protective world, or rather a magical world, where everything was just about us. I personally feel there exists a very thin line that separates the time ‘we were’ in and the time ‘we are’ in. Before we could understand and realize what’s happening, we were already tossed here, in this time, all exposed and on our own.  And this is where our real lives begin.

By the time we complete our journey from 20s to 30s, we start understanding life a bit. We develop skills to sustain life, to survive, to succeed, to grow. We start working towards making our own identity in this world. We set our goals, work towards our ambitions, towards our development. Now, we understand the real value of time, money, power and future. Isn’t it? Now we understand the difference between real and fake, truth and lies, friends and enemies. Now we understand what our parents taught us was never useless and futile. What our teachers taught us was not just a lecture. What we learnt was not just lessons and syllabus. What we wrote was not just exams. All this while we were preparing ourselves, building ourselves, educating ourselves. All this while we were learning life.

And while we turn 30 or come close to it, life happens. Many professional, financial and personal pressures build up around us. They hit us most at this time as expectations never end but doing what we feel right is of utmost importance. Finding a balance between our heart and mind is the solution. We should be able to justify what we do. Not to others but to ourselves. Work, travel, splurge, fall in love, marry, have kids, feel tired, feel lost, discover yourself, build relations, build a family, face your problems, find solutions, grow, cry, laugh, complaint, ignore. I believe we should do what we think is best for what we can handle and us. These pressures challenge us to do better and become worthy of constant changes happening around.

There are changes sometimes which we don’t like either. But then something positive always complements those changes in our lives. We might have lost those sharp cheekbones but there is now someone who loves our chubby cheeks more than anything else. We might have lost all that fun and freedom of being single, but we have a loyal life partner from marriage. Lunch and dinner dates might now be occasional but we have the pleasure of eating together everyday. We might be fed up of early mornings but we now have cozy nights of cuddling each other. We might be on our toes from morning till night, working relentlessly in office, cooking at home and taking care of everyone around, but we have a career to look forward and a family to hold onto. We might have a wicked boss to ruin our day but a special colleague to encourage us every time we feel low. We might not go to clubs, hangout with friends and party like before but we have some real friends who are always there when we need them. We might be tired and drained after dealing with cranky kids whole day, but we have the joy and bliss of being parents. We might have not shopped or travelled from a long time, but the dream home we have been saving for, is now ours. Turning 30 or being in 30s is not just about undesirable changes but also such joyful and constructive changes. It’s all about turning optimistic and wiser. Turning more confident, independent, aspiring, expressive and soulful. It’s about moving onto a more settled, comfortable and a beautiful life ahead. It’s about entering and appreciating another best phase of your life.

You are about to enter a beautiful phase of life. Smile 🙂

It’s a human tendency and a desire to remain young forever. Our markets are full of products and supplements that promises us of younger radiant skin, lean body, wrinkle free face, lustrous hair and everything else we need to look ten years younger from what we really are. In fact we ourselves work hard for it. We do everything in our capabilities to remain same throughout our lives. But change is the universal truth and no matter what, we have to accept it. And believe me, changes are not always bad. They keep surprising us at every step. And what really matters is, that we all should be young in our heart, in our thoughts, in our spirit. Our soul should never grow old. Every phase of life is beautiful and we should embrace it with an open heart. As I enter my 30s and as you enter yours, be what you really are. Make most of this time and live soulfully. I am sure this period will teach us much more than before and make us even better before we hit our 40s. We will have much more love, life, prosperity, health, success and blessings by our side.

For me age is just a number. I believe our definition of age should not be about beauty and those anti ageing creams, but love and wisdom. It should not be about wrinkles and dark circles and waistline, but adventures, journeys and experiences. It should not be about what we lost, but what we are about to gain. It should not be about how much we lived, but how we lived. 

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