Just Like an Ocean: Deep, Calm, Generous & Fierce


How vast an ocean is?? How deep is it?? There are possibly no precise answers to such inquisitive questions of our mind. While I stand beneath the blazing orange sky and admire the sunset on my gigantic ship, all I could see in front of me is the never ending ocean and a never-ending sky. Nothing but an unbounded blue ocean. I kept gazing and suddenly felt a strange connection with it. I felt how similar this ocean is to my heart, a woman’s heart. Like an ocean it’s full of life, its own secrets, mysteries and stories. There are thousands or millions of secrets a woman’s heart holds but never let anyone know what’s in there. It’s true that you really can’t understand what going on in her heart. It’s deep, very deep. Sometimes even she doesn’t know how much she is holding inside. Just like we want to explore ocean beds and know their depths and treasures, travelling down to her heart is possible, but no one knows how deep it is. It’s unfathomable, just like this ocean in front of me.

There are hundred shades of an ocean. Sometimes I find it blue, sometimes black, sometimes grey and green and golden. In reality, it’s always the same, but our eyes see something different every time. It’s golden when the sun is shining and grey and black, when it’s gloomy or raining. A woman’s heart like an ocean might be shining bright someday and dull and throbbing the next day. You might see a different shade every time you meet her, depending on what her heart has gone through, but, that doesn’t change what her heart is really made of; blood, flesh, love and feelings.

While we sail for days, I sometimes come across an ocean, as calm as a mirror, and sometimes as wild and rough as a wounded animal. Different versions in different time frames, just like a woman’s heart, just like my heart. It’s usually calm, pumping blood through my body, spreading love, being kind, eliminating negatives, supporting life, and bonding well. It’s stable, and unbroken and can handle everything, like these vast blue oceans. But there are times when it aches, and behave coarse and unnatural. And when storms hit really hard, just like these oceans becoming capricious and rough, my heart can’t contain those massive waves building inside and suddenly all the peace and tranquility is gone. Just like we can’t blame oceans for being rough and bumpy, we can’t blame our hearts for being unwell and troubled at times, it’s absolutely natural.

An ocean is a home to millions of life forms. We don’t even know about half of them. These never ending waters abode so many lives, where they breathe, survive and sustain. These oceans form an important base of human existence and survival as well. They help us grow and develop and flourish. They love us, unconditionally, just like a woman’s heart. It accepts and shoulders so many roles and responsibilities in life, of a daughter, wife, mother, friend, mentor, and so on. Her heart helps her mature through every stage, feed correct emotions and make her love each and every soul, like her own. Like these oceans, she has the ability to create, nurture and protect. Her heart let her grow beyond every obstacle in life, beyond every pain, beyond every limit and emerge out as a winner. Her heart is soft, pure and full of love, just like these clouds, wind and waters around me. It’s gentle and affectionate. Like these waters that help us sail across continents and connects the world together, a woman’s heart helps her build relations, recognize them and cruise smoothly through her life. Some of those relations grow stronger while others fade away with time, just like a small piece of land waning away as you approach deep waters.

Just like we humans poison these beautiful oceans and still expect love and kindness in return, no matter, how much we hurt or break her heart, we expect love in return from a woman, always. But just like there exist two faces of an ocean; there are two sides of her heart as well. You keep her heart safe, nourish her with love, warmth and respect, let it be what it is, and she will never hurt you back. She will let go of your spites, forget and forgive them, but the day her heart gives up, no matter how hard you try, it won’t work. You have only seen the tender side of her heart, not the vicious one. If it can make you, it can break you as well, just like our oceans. You treat them with love and affection and they will take you to places, but messing up with them can be really dangerous and cost you your own lives.

There is nothing more beautiful and pacifying than a serene ocean and a heart full of love. Both are powerful and have the capacity to contain worlds inside them. But yes, at the same time, there is nothing more fearsome and dangerous than a wild ocean and a broken heart. They are even more powerful and can destroy you in minutes.




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