Handle with care those tender bonds of relation,

Because once mishandled seeks no reformation,

Lucky you are if they get reunited,

But if united, they still remain hollow and divided – Md Adeeb Aazil

Almost everything we buy these days has a tag on it, mentioning ‘Handle With Care.’ The article is mostly accompanied by a set of instructions on how to use, where to use, how to store, etc. The manufacturer makes sure we know everything right from its components, mechanism and durability to its manufacturing and expiry date. They make sure we have all the information to fully utilize the product and maintain it in best possible state. And if anything goes wrong we have the guarantee and warranty as well. On the other hand, customers follow every damn thing to make sure their money is spent at right place and the product they purchased is completely justified. We handle all our prized possessions with utmost care, love and perfection. And while we are too busy handling everything around us right, we often forget there are few things in life that doesn’t come with instructions or expiry date (Clichéd but true). Infact, life is one of them.

“I was watching a movie called ‘Sweet November’ the other day. It’s one of my favourite with a powerful message though. The guy was so busy in his profession, power and money that he lost on almost every thing else in life. Well, he never cared. But there came a time when he lost all his power and position. He started falling in love realized the true essence of life. When everything was about to change for him and fall in place, irony struck and love left him. When he understood what life is all about he had nothing to look forward to. He lost it all.”

We often fall prey to the hands of life. We live in a world where nothing remains constant. There is no pause and no break. There is something innovative and fresh always happening in some other corner of the world. A new discovery, a new trend, a new policy, a new business, it can be just anything. Not that all of it matters to us, but we always find ourselves interested in the latest. Well, this is natural and understandable, but the fact is that we can’t keep up with every new trend or pattern emerging in the world. The new can’t always find place in our lives and the old can’t always be trashed. To accommodate the new we can’t give up on our old stuff. There is always an equilibrium that needs to be maintained, equilibrium of old and new. And this safeguarding actually requires ‘Handling with Care.’

Life definitely doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but there are mentors, friends and family to guide us through this transforming journey. With everyone’s help, we try to establish our own set of standards of life, but it’s important that we distinguish between real and fake. It’s essential that we understand what we really need from life and what matters most to us? Is it all about money and materials for us? Is it all about love and relations? Or do we need both in our life? Sometimes we might be really lucky and have everything we want, but maintaining that everything in life requires a defined poise that should never be troubled. Always remember that never care so much for the power and plastic that the real essence of life fades away. We need love and relations in our life to enjoy our assets and luxury, but not the assets and luxury to retain real love.

Our time, health, wellbeing, emotions, strengths, knowledge, love, hatred, anger, associations, mind, body and soul need much more handling with care than any other article we possess. These are the real heroes that help us survive life and we often overlook them in our gluttony for materialistic possessions. We care for an expensive watch but not about time. We care for costliest gifts, but not about those priceless relations we are born with. We care about our bank balance and pay checks but not about our wellbeing. We care about building lavish and fanciest of houses but not about our marriages and relationships that might be falling apart. And sometimes by the time we realize what we really need, we are left with nothing. We are stuck with our possessions and properties and have nowhere to go. All I want to say here is that, we are humans for a reason and that reason should not be wasted. Lets care for everything real around us. Everything can come back to us but not the time and love we lost being self-centered and insensitive.

Handle With Care’ tags are meant much more for our lives, relationships, mind and soul, rather than something that can be bought with money. None of it comes with a guarantee or a warranty. None of it can be repaired and restored. Once broken, it can never be fixed and believe me “A broken life is much more costlier and painful than a broken article”

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