The Beginning!

Not an easy one for sure. There was a race between my heart and mind. For him, my heart was all yes but sum where my mind kept reminding me of those lonely months, when I will have to wait for him. His return!! I knew that my mind was correct some where, but my heart already gave up for that charismatic smile and personality. My heart has over powered my mind! Like a mighty ocean cast spell on you, he already took my heart away!! And so my grey matter took a back seat finally and suddenly the biggest decision of my life was so easy to make.
And I said YES!! Yes to a lifelong relationship of love and trust, to those sparkling moments awaiting for me, to those eyes, looking at which I lost myself, to that smile I always wanted to see and yes to that time when I will have to be alone and all by myself. Those eyes and smile, that love and care will be mine still but I won’t have them before me. I agreed to be away from him for a short time, though spending a moment without him seemed to be lifeless. It was hard for for me to imagine the life out there, where nothing but water exists. It was hard!! I was scared thinking he will be sailing and crossing those mighty oceans, and there will be a time when we couldn’t talk also. But my sailor convinced me that distances doesn’t matter in our love. He will always be with me. We will be doing many beautiful sails together and I will make you see the world. He promised to stand with me in every situation. Many amazing experiences of his sailing were told and heard! In our ship, he told we will not only travel the world, we will explore ourselves and our love and passion. And when I am not with you, I am always remembering you, counting days to come back to you and get lost in your eyes. Counting days to see that smile of yours and feel that warmth. Even when am not there, always remember there is a man waiting to run into your arms. Always loving you deeper than all seas and oceans I sail through. You are my queen and mean world to me!

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