First Love yourself!!!

I was recently watching a show. It was all about educating, motivating and empowering women. It was an implausible show with elaborated discussions, debates and confrontation of various issues, but one thing, which caught my mind and made me think profoundly amongst all, was ‘Self Love and Confidence.’ Well, being a modern and educated woman, I proudly love myself, my body, my life and just everything about me. But in a greater scenario, there are still many women out there who neglect and think low of themselves. It is for them I want to share my thoughts on self-love today. Because I believe that before you love anyone else, you should love yourself.

Self-love is nothing but self-belief that you are the best and this thought is enormously powerful. Have you ever contemplated why do you love your friend or boyfriend or husband so much? Because of their looks, their abs, their possessions, their wealth? I am pretty sure the answer will be NO. You love them because of their abilities, their compassion, sense of humour & intelligence. That makes it clear. We love people for who they are, not for what they have or how do they look!!


Self-love will begin the day we start nurturing our personality rather than our looks. Which sometimes we overlook, and start comparing ourselves. But remember, you are much more than how you look!! Before you decide to hit the gym and lose weight, before you get your dream job, dream life or dream partner, before you decide a makeover or join a course. Analyse yourself. Is this what you really want? This is how you want to be? If you constantly keep thinking “I’ll be contented once I am a size zero” or “I will love myself once I own this house or car’ believe me, you will never be satisfied. Once you attain these goals you will find something else to do before you’re happy. It will lead to nothing but a vicious cycle of upcoming superficial goals. And you will be trapped within.

Realize that there is nothing called perfect in this world. No one is flawless. We all have our own share of bad days, slips, fails and rejections. What define us are not our flaws, but how we respond to them. How gladly we love and accept our imperfections. What we think matters, not what others say. When you are self-assured, no one can judge you. And if they do, says or think negative about you, it is a reflection of their own lack of self worth. Ignore such people and their stupid judgments. Move ahead. This boldness gives you fortitude; the ability to face rejections and failures and the path leading to success.


So friends, that’s my take on self-love. Of course I am not always cheerful and confident, like everyone I have my blue days. But mostly, I love the way I am and I am proud of myself. And everyone else should be.

Love yourself. Break the pattern. Fly high. Smile bright and let your positivity light up the room. Because loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance ❤


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  1. CreativeSiba says:

    Love ❤️ is always Universal
    Starts from own-self & spread like Bon-fire once comes to Bloom……

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