Are you a foodie??

I was supposed to be working on my presentation due tomorrow, but I get bored of working, turn on my phone and go on Facebook. Well, this is my favourite pastime and sometimes a stress buster 😛 As I scroll through my feed, I see a mind-blowing recipe ‘Roasted Broccoli and Blue Cheese Panini.’ My eyes lit up immediately and believe me all I cud see in front of me was a warm, delicious and juicy Panini. All those anxieties about the presentation were gone and I was passionately reading the recipe. You can rightly assume that I am a ‘Fervent Foodie.’ l Iove food, and I especially love ‘Good Food.’ It’s one of my biggest weaknesses. I find it difficult to relate to people who aren’t foodies. People who eat ‘because they’re hungry or they have to’ I don’t understand them at all.


Food is one of the biggest pleasures in my life, since I came to my senses.  I grew up in a family where my mom made something dreamy of every meal, my brother’s first love is food and now, I am married to a man who is an uncompromising foodie as well. Together we cook, create, garnish and relish every bite of our meal. Doesn’t matter where we are, what are we doing or what time it is, we make sure we have all the time in the world to enjoy our food, try out new things every time we are out and that we have a variety of good quality food!! Same old thing every time is just so boring. 😛


Being food lovers we always look for options where we can eat best. We love exploring restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes and devouring on something distinctive everywhere. We plan our outings keeping in mind the food we wanna scoff that day. However this habit sometimes trouble us, as it might be hard to find the right restaurant, if we are somewhere outside. Luckily, my place offers many options and is a fantastic place for people like us. It just takes getting out there and trying as many new places as possible.

Cannot resist yummy waffles anytime 😛

But at the same time our lust for food leads us cooking delicious, healthy and amazing meals at home. Never too tired for it!! 😛 To be honest, I hate cooking!! I just can’t cook thrice a day and think about what to cook next!! I will prefer grabbing my bag and heading out to my favourite food joint for that awesome sandwich I love. But I am always ready to jump into the kitchen for preparing my favourites.


Even after being a vegetarian, I can prepare awesome and finger licking non-veg dishes. Just for the love of food my hubby has. I love cooking those delectable chicken, prawns,  fish, biryanis and kebabs for him. We both experiment a lot and can spend hours in kitchen to fix our kind of food!! Right from soups, starters and main course to desserts. It’s not just that we eat merely out of our ‘inevitable hunger’ but as our hobby of seeking new food experiences every moment.



I still remember our days in Southampton, UK. We were there for 4 months and initially skeptical about the food we will get there. We took a lot of stuff from India (Spices, condiments, utensils, other ingredients etc) so that we get to eat what we want to. As we settled gradually, we started discovering places where we can get lip-smacking food to satiate our taste buds.

My all time fav ‘Italian Cuisine’ 😀

Not only this, I used to spend afternoons exploring stores and shops to get my favourite ingredients, cook them all together into a delightful meal and surprise my hubby once he is back from his classes. And those evenings will be like best evenings!! We both binging on something really scrumptious in a cozy room with our favourite music, while its snowing and raining outside. What else you need to be happy in life 🙂

Foodie evenings be like 😛
Baked chicken dinner for my hubby at Southampton. He fell in love with me all over again!!

Also when I was onboard on a ship with my hubby, there used to be a set menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner [which was followed strictly :-(]. Stuck in the middle of an ocean, there were not many options except eating what is given. But still we found a way out. I met two of my another foodie friends and together we used to explore ship’s kitchen sometimes (with due permission of captain of course :-P). And come out with scrummy varieties of food (Rolls, Sandwiches, Fried Pancakes, Aloo Parathas, Carrot Halwa, Rabdi, Omelettes, Egg Curry, Fish Fry, Dahi Vada and what not) and super happy faces. Well, it’s tough to cook while you stand and toss on a rolling ship, but it filled our voyage with unlimited joy and satisfaction. And my sailor claims, he could work with better concentration, which means I should be onboard more often 😛

With my foodie gang!!
Our quick midnight snacks onboard. Strawberry milk shake with spicy noodles!! 🙂

At times we used to have this spicy barbecue party. And I used to be excited entire day!! Waiting for the party to begin. Lovely view, lovely people around and a barbecue full of yummies. Good food along with good company is so magical and therapeutic 🙂


I am totally proud of calling myself a ‘foodie.’ I posses some really typical characteristics like, I can come up with a mouthwatering version of whatever’s left in my fridge and cupboard. A major part of our wages goes on food ingredients and eating out 😛 I get thrilled at the mere thought of eating a meal, doesn’t matter whether we are going out, or cooking at home!! I often start thinking of my next meal as soon as I am done with the last one and the question I ask my husband is ‘what are we having for dinner? 😀 I prefer cooking my pasta sauces from scratch rather than buying them all readymade. How fresh the product is, really matters to me a lot.  And yes I do complaint in a restaurant if my food is not up to score. Well, in sweet and simple words, I can’t compromise with my food, taste and flavors (which makes exercising an essential part of my life :-P)….Is this all sounding familiar??? Any foodies here?? 😛 🙂

Foodie for life 🙂

Food is one of the life’s simplest pleasures and it’s the best. Few people think being a foodie is embarrassing, childish and unnatural at times, but I prefer thinking these people are taking life a little too seriously. They don’t know what they are missing.


All I got to say is that there is plenty of great food you still need to explore. So eat good food, stay awesome, smile forever and enjoy the life! There’s nothing like good food guys 🙂



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  1. arv! says:

    You are lucky to be having partner who share your love of food! Keep munching, together! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RUPS says:

      Hehe yes!! That’s true😀…. lucky me!!😍

      Liked by 1 person

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