Bucket List Vs Soul List

Hi guys!! I am here after a long long time. Just got caught up in life. Happens to everyone, I guess. We expect from life and life expects from us. Feels like a vicious cycle of demand and supply. Never stops. And amidst all this we create our bucket lists, what we want in life. Sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we don’t. But the bucket just keeps getting richer. There are more add-ons than deletions. We tend to think about it all the time and whether we will be able to complete the list or not. But the question here is “Why not enjoy life as it comes rather than having a bucket list that just gets brushed off to the side?? Why a time frame?? Why pen it down?? 

“I’m putting this on my bucket list!” I hear this all the time, from friends, family members and other travel bloggers. Even I have a bucket list. Obviously that makes me progressive and hard working and ambitious. But what makes me wonder sometimes is, that my list turns out to be never ending. I keep adding to it. I remember 4 years back my list had several things I wanted to do and I used to think that’s it, I need to do all this before I marry or grow old or die. I even did most of them but my bucket never emptied. I overlooked what all I did and only remembered what more I have to do. Crazy but true.

Bucket lists are generally full of all the outrageous things people want to do before they die. Someone wants to skydive, go bungee jumping, travel to Machu Picchu, climb the Everest, swim with sharks and whales and so on. I feel we fool ourselves by crafting a list of things we want to see, or do or accomplish, because, we pretty much want everything. We want to see and experience everything that this big bad world has to offer. We know that our goal is rather impossible but it won’t stop us. And this would leave us with a never-ending list that might be too prodigious. In this race of creating and completing our bucket lists, we often miss out on small pleasures of life.

I feel while we all make this bucket list, we should possibly make a “Soul list.” A list that you can use every day and not just as you think about your last day. Your soul list should be full of things that make you happy, your soul happy. Yes, it might be a football match, a weekend getaway, a melodious song, a fantastic meal with your spouse or a heart to heart conversation with your bestie. One isn’t better than the other. What is important here is, to be aware with what really makes your life fun and satisfies your soul. You can add those to your list. Enjoy them, live them and look forward to more. Looking ahead and anticipating good things in life is understanding that you can’t dwell in past always. Stay fascinated in what’s happening now and get involved in it. Experience life in real time. The images you capture with your eyes and in your mind are better and more important than the ones you capture in your camera.

Life is all about happiness, contentment and serenity. Not just the bucket list. Be honest about what makes you happy. Make sure you don’t miss out the joy now, in order to attain happiness later. Between now and the finish line, you need to live every day, every moment as if there is no end. Then one of these days, you’re going to be amazed that there is what all you need, you thought of, you dreamt of. That’s the ultimate purpose of this whole quest after all, isn’t it? I’m not trying to crack all of you folks who do devotedly maintain such lists. You got to do what works for you. And what’s best for you.

We all want a fulfilled, beautiful life. But the key to a beautiful life doesn’t exist in a capricious list. The key is in finding yourself. The key is in soul satisfaction.





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