Merry Christmas to “All”


Hello People!! Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy Christmas 🙂

Christmas is that time of year which brings loads of colors, bliss and sweetness around. Plum cakes, Christmas tree, jingle bells, Santa, gifts and so much of love and warmth everywhere just pushes you into that festive and cheerful mood. It’s impossible to escape from the effect of this vivacious festival. From early November, shops blare out Christmas music and hang baubles in their windows. It’s hard to spot a television or radio ad that doesn’t have a Christmas theme. People dressed as Santa greet you in malls and streets and you have those red Santa dresses and caps selling out in every corner of the city. Schools celebrate Christmas and you can see cute little girls and boys all dressed up and ready to sing and dance. Families enjoy going out for food and drinks, as Christmas is a great time for partying. All clubs, restaurants and cafes have Christmas-themed evenings during the season. All in all it’s a festival, which involves everyone.

Basically, I am a Hindu by religion; so people ask me at times “Why do you have a Christmas tree decorated at your home? We don’t celebrate Christmas! What do we have to do with this festival? Why should we buy cakes? Why are you dressed up for Christmas?”

Well, for me each and every festival is about spreading happiness, love and positivity, no matter what religion I follow. I love Christmas as much as I love Diwali. I love decorating tree as much as I love lighting diyas. I love Christmas cakes as much as I love Diwali sweets. It all lies in our mind and heart. Who states Hindus can’t celebrate Christmas or Christians can’t celebrate Diwali? May be I don’t read bible everyday or go to church for mass, but I believe in the spirit of celebrating and rejoicing festivals. I believe all gods are one and each religion and festival teaches us just one single thing, “Celebrate Life, Spread Love and Be good to each other.”

This time also I have a Christmas tree in my house; I will bake a cake, and pray to god for the prosperity and welfare of all our people and the world. I don’t give a damn what others might think or if they judge me being a real Hindu. I believe in what I think is right and what gives me happiness and satisfaction. This is my favorite time of the year. Mild winters, markets in full swing decorated with balloons, fresh and soft cakes everywhere, endless aroma of desserts, small and huge Christmas trees shining, little cute Santas, twinkling lights and stars and those bright loving smiles. Also a fresh year waiting ahead to be explored. What can be a better start to a new year than such a lively and energetic festival!!


According to me one should be open and secure enough to embrace and enjoy the spirit and festivals of any other religions. I strive to be that way. There is no harm in celebrating any festival, as all it gives is affection and happiness. Also it’s an optimistic way to spread a message amongst our children that they should be unbiased towards any religion or festival. They should expand their knowledge and respect everyone irrespective of their religion. After all real joy lies in sharing with people around and becoming a part of their happiness.

On this blissful occasion, I wish everyone a very happy and Merry Christmas. Let the spirit of sharing each other’s joys and pains be the theme of our life, this year, next year and every year. After all, that’s what makes India the most livable and lovable place on earth. 








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